Blizzard hasn't forgotten about those who want Tyrande.

The Tyrande Whisperwind hero skin for Hearthstone's Priest class was first made available about three months ago via an exclusive deal with Twitch during the launch of its Twitch Prime service. This was fine for most of the community because you were able to sign up for a free trial to get their hands on a code for the skin. However, Twitch Prime isn't accesible in all corners of the world so those who were unable to sign up for Prime had no way of getting their hands on it.

Blizzard quickly went public with the fact that it would be investigating ways to make Tyrande obtainable for those who were powerless the first time around, but after three months we haven't heard any kind of progress update.

Over the weekend, though, Senior Producer Yong Woo broke the silence over on the Hearthstone forums.

"I am a big fan of Priest as well," Woo says, "and I totally get why you’d be bummed that you can’t unlock Tyrande."

Woo explains that this situation is a double edged sword. On one hand, Blizzard wants people who were involved to feel special but also understands that it sucks to feel left out. This feeling is amplified "if the reason for not being able to participate is out of [the players] control." He cites things like regional restrictions or simply not being active when the event is happening as examples where the company feels the pain.

"Given this, we are actively looking into ways to grant access to new Heroes and card backs that some players may have missed out on," Woo says.

"We’ll make an announcement once our plans are solidified!"

Game Director Ben Brode has regularly commented on the possibility of making card backs available after the one month window they're usually awarded to players. It's been more than a year since he first made this comment but nothing has coalesced just yet. One thing's for sure though, those who missed Tyrande are a lot less patient for it than they would be a card back.