Blizzard confirms what Hearthstone players have long known.

We've already had a good idea of how often Hearthstone packs reward cards of the different rarities thanks to sites like PityTracker. We know that you're guaranteed at least one Epic for every ten packs of the same set you purchase and one Legendary for every 40 packs. But does that match the actual statement by Blizzard?

In adherence to new laws, the developer is declaring the probabilities of getting specific card rarities from packs, with details as below. Thanks to czhihong for the translation.


Note: Each Hearthstone pack contains cards of 4 different rarities. 

  • RARE - At least 1 rare or better in each pack 
  • EPIC - Average of 1 every 5 packs 
  • LEGENDARY - Average of 1 every 20 packs 

In addition, please note that as players open more packs, the actual probability of opening cards of a higher quality increases in tandem.


This matches exactly what we've all understood for years now, but it is good to get a confirmation.

Blizzard did not announce the distribution of golden cards but PityTracker currently estimates them like so:

  • Golden Common - Average of 1 every 17 packs.
  • Golden Rare  - Average of 1 every 20 packs.
  • Golden Epic - Average of 1 every 100 packs.
  • Golden Legendary - Not enough data to estimate.

If you want to contribute towards a more solid idea of exactly how rare golden cards are, make sure to contribute your pack openings to PityTracker.

One thing is for certain, many players complain about the importance of Epic cards and how expensive they are. Legendaries are so rare that they're immediately identified as crafting targets. A free-to-play player could go an entire expansion without enough gold and dust to craft each Legendary.

Journey to Un'Goro has placed a large amount of importance on Epic cards, leaving many struggling to have enough of the right cards to stay competitive.

This is perhaps part of what has led the community to complain about the rising costs of each expansion.

Even popular Twitch streamer Kripparrian is giving up on his hopes of having a complete golden collection. Despite spending thousands of dollars each set and playing hundreds of hours every month, it's simply impossible to keep up with the rate that Blizzard is releasing content now that there will be three full expansions each year.