No, Ticking Abomination wasn't the only card reveal scheduled for today.

Very early this morning, the Knights of the Frozen Throne card reveal season started with Ticking Abomination. It's not a great card by any means and that's not necessarily an issue. But we haven't had another card come out since then which the community has really taken issue with.

Community Manager Aratil has just commented on Reddit confirming that there were others scheduled throughout the day but they didn't happen "due to a variety of issues." That said, they confirm that there will be two more card reveals today that should release as scheduled so expect them shortly.


We originally had a few more card reveals for today, but the card reveals were all with partners and they unfortunately couldn't happen today due to a variety of issues. But good news! There will be two more card reveals tonight, so please look forward to them. There will also be more card reveals happening every day this week!


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