The Grimy Goons are in the middle, but who comes out on top?

Blizzard has updated the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan hub page on the Hearthstone website with a representation of how popular each family is. Unsurprisingly, the Kabal seems to hold the lead currently which makes sense given the prominence of Reno Jackson style Mage, Warlock, and Priest decks. On the other hand, the Jade Lotus is slightly underperforming despite the talk on social media about how many decks running the mechanic there are. The Grimy Goons, on the other hand, are smack dab in the middle with their own fair share of representation.

We'll keep you updated if Blizzard does indeed release the images on a semi-frequent basis. If you aren't so sure who is who or are just are interested in more reading, Blizzard has also posted new descriptions for each family.

Update 12/6: The Jade Lotus are surging!