Recently, Hearthstone developer Blizzard Entertainment has come under fire for its communication, or perceived lack thereof, in regards to balance and upcoming changes.

Despite the fact that websites like Hearthhead routinely cover what Blizzard developers have to say, there's still been a high number of community members demanding even more than they're currently receiving.

According to game designer Dean "Iksar" Ayala, this is simply because of the nature of a game like Hearthstone. The team is constantly changing its plans as he explains on Reddit:

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The truth is that 'we're considering it' is the honest answer. We announced on Wednesday and as of Sunday night things still weren't set in stone. As of the previous Thursday we were having long group conversations about the pros and cons to changing each of the 5-6 Shaman cards we had considered. Once the changes were actually decided upon, we sent the blog out to localization to be translated and announced in all regions within 24 hours once that was complete. I think part of the miscommunication was that there was an interview with IGN posted here a couple days before the card changes documenting a lot about how things were 'on the radar'. That interview actually took place a couple days before it was published, before we had decided on a plan of action.


Of course, players wouldn't let him simply say they were thinking about more Shaman nerfs without explaining which ones were on the chopping block. Ayala says Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem, Thing from Below, and even Doomhammer were discussed and admits that the foremost was "very close" to being changed.

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Rockbiter, Trogg, Totem Golem, Thing From Below, Tuskarr, and a little conversation about Doomhammer. Some of those never reached serious consideration but it's still good to have a conversation about hypothetical impact. Trogg was very close, but didn't hit a few of the most powerful decks that already don't include him. Rockbiter was wider reaching and we felt that it set us up better for the future of Shaman. Tuskarr was the most clear offender of both power level and fun.


In the end, seven cards were settled upon and will be changed in the next week or so.

Many are yet again surprised that Doomhammer‚Äč remains untouched, saying it's clearly a problem card for Shamans. Iksar doesn't believe this to be the case, however, saying, "It's unlikely we'll make many more low-mana ways to increase the attack of your hero in Shaman." He continues, "It's a little restrictive but that's okay. Shaman doesn't need to be about weapons every set to fit the fantasy for that class archetype."

Earlier in the week Ayala spoke about a plethora of topics including Rogue, the Randomonium Tavern Brawl, advanced stats in the Hearthstone client, and card balance as a whole.