Patch 8.4 introduced an unfortunate bug with pity timers.

The community has been debating whether or not a bug was introduced in the most recent Hearthstone patch. Some users have been reporting that the 8.4 patch reset pity timers and caused them to go longer than usual without receiving a Legendary. Blizzard has confirmed the issue today.

Due to the upcoming change alongside Knights of the Frozen Throne, it will no longer be possible to get duplicate legendaries. Blizzard has undoubtedly been preparing for this and as a result of a bug, some players received one fewer Legendary or Epic card.

Community Manager Molly says that the team will be reaching out to everyone who was affected in the next few weeks, mentioning that the team will be creating a "resolution plan."


4 hours ago

Hearthstone Patch 8.4 introduced new infrastructure to prepare for the recently announced improvements to card drop rates. An unexpected side effect of this change was that a small number of players who opened packs after the patch received one fewer Legendary or Epic card than they would have otherwise. We've identified the issue and expect it to be resolved next week. It's important to us that Hearthstone players feel great about opening card packs and we apologize for this issue and any disappointment that it may have caused. We will be reaching out to all affected players in the next few weeks with details regarding our resolution plan.


What are Pity Timers?

Sometime in the past, the Hearthstone community realized that Blizzard's algorithm, which rewards cards when you open packs, are tuned such that as you approach 40 packs in a row without a legendary, the odds become increasingly likely. There is also one for epics.

Many players use tools like PityTracker to see how close they are to a guaranteed legendary. In this case, some started surpassing 40 packs and realized something must have been wrong.