6,000 gold and 60 packs for each team.

In a relatively unheard of move, Blizzard China (Netease) is hosting a holiday tournament where players will compete in a sealed environment. According to the article, translated by Google, the winner and runner-up teams will both get a trip to the Maldives. A schedule for the entire event was posted, but it is unknown whether or not a stream will be available outside of the region, but it looks like it may be made available here.

Perhaps the most interesting note is that players will be given new accounts with 6,000 coins and 60 packs of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards. Players can use these coins on whatever they see fit, but may not spend them on Arena runs. Duplicates can be disenchanted and the Arcane Dust spent, but players can not active disenchant cards they do not want.

Based on performance, players will receive additional packs as they play. If a team manages to sweep 3 - 0, they'll get a full ten packs with diminishing returns the closer the series is all the way down to six to the winner and four to the loser in the case of a 3 - 2 result.

We've included some images from the announcement as well as some of the Google translated text below.

Thanks to CelestialSinn for the heads up.


This pair of players will use the standard mode, each player can invite a companion to participate in the competition. In preparation for the event, each player will receive a tournament account, the account contains 6,000 gold coins, 60 packs of the Dragon fight Gadgetzan card package. 6000 gold coins freely used by the players, but can not be used for arena games. Open card can only use the card to use automatic decomposition function, does not allow active decomposition, automatic decomposition of the Arcane Dust allows synthesis cards.

New RPG system: each BO5, a total of 10 packets of card package award, will be allocated according to the score of the authorities. If the two players battle into 3: 0, the winner to obtain all 10 packets of card package; such as 3: 1, the winner of the eight packs of card package, the failure to obtain two packets of card package; such as 3: 2 The winning party gets six packs of cards and the loser gets four packs of cards.

Note: Reward card packages are free to choose the type of card pack by the player.

Competing time

Account preparation phase

  • December 15: Group A live room preparation
  • December 16: Group B live broadcast preparation
  • December 17: Group C live broadcast preparation
  • December 18: Group D live broadcast preparation


Preparation: mainly use the account entry card package, card decomposition synthesis, and build three sets of participating sets of decks.

Group stage

  • December 22 16: 00-23: 00: Group A group stage
  • December 23 16: 00-23: 00 Group B group match
  • December 24 11: 00-16: 00 Group C matches
  • December 24 16: 00-23: 00: Group D group match


Final Day - December 25th

  • 14: 00-18: 00: 8 into 4
  • 18: 00-20: 00: semi-finals
  • 20: 00-21: 00: the final