Molten Core, the second wing of the Blackrock Mountain adventure mode, was released today and players can now face Garr, Baron Geddon, Majordomo Executus and Ragnaros the Firelord. The wing is available for 700 gold or $6.99 (5.99 EUR / 4.99 GBP). Below, we'll be giving a brief overview of the encounters and their deck lists. If you missed it, don't forget to check out last week's Blackrock Depths guide.

You can view upcoming bosses and hero powers in our full list of Blackrock Mountain bosses and hero powers. If you're looking for a deck, you can filter for a particular deck designed to defeat a particular boss.

For defeating Molten Core on normal mode, you'll receive the following cards: Druid of the Flame, Blackwing Technician, Imp Gang Boss and Majordomo Executus. You will then unlock the Warrior and Shaman class challenges which will reward Axe Flinger and Lava Shock upon defeat.

Back to Top Garr

Garr starts off the fight with his board full of 7 Firesworn. The complexity of this encounter comes from finding a way to stagger the Firesworn's deaths so that you can survive all their deathrattle effects. Use early game creatures, spells and weapons to stagger the health of the Firesworn, as Garr will naturally kill them all on Turn 5 if left untouched due to his hero power, Magma Pulse. Because of the way deathrattles trigger, you will take less damage if you use single target abilities to kill the Firesworn in sequence, rather than letting an Area of Effect ability kill them simultaneously.

As for the rest of Garr's deck, watch out for Volcanic Lumberer which he can drop on an early turn if his Hero Power kills enough minions. Garr can also allow his Firesworn to attack via Dark Iron Dwarf and Mark of the Wild and kill them off, so watch out for the extra damage. Lastly, he also has Rockbiter Weapon and Bloodlust which can be a surprising lethal combo if you leave too many of minions alive, so make sure to continue to clear his board if available.

You may want to build a deck that utilizes Garr's Hero Power to your advantage. Minions such as Grim Patron, Frothing Berserker or any creature with an enrage effect are useful on this fight. Priest is a good choice on this fight since Mass Dispel will trivialize the inital 7 Firesworn on the board, in addition to Silence that you can use if you need more silences. Circle of Healing is also a good card to delay the Firesworn's deaths. Garr's board will be full for a longer period of time, and you'll only have to worry about Garr's removal cards in hand.

On heroic, Garr's Firesworn now deal 3 damage for each Firesworn that died on the same turn, instead of 1. This makes it even more important that you stagger the initial 7 Firesworn on the board or Mass Dispel before they explode on turn 5.
His Deck

For defeating Garr, you will receive two Druid of the Flame cards.

Back to Top Baron Geddon

Baron Geddon's Hero Power is Ignite Mana, which means that you will want to use all your mana every turn, whenever possible. Baron Geddon's minions are nothing special; however, you should watch out for Fire Elemental and Fireguard Destroyer as they are two of his deadliest minions.

The main mechanic you'll have to worry about is Living Bomb. Baron Geddon will turn one of your minions into a Living Bomb and if that minion survives your turn, your board and hero will all take 5 damage. When Baron Geddon casts Living Bomb on your minion, you should aim to kill it off by trading or silencing it. Worst case, refrain from playing any minions with less than 5 health, since they'll just die immediately. You may just have to take a turn of Ignite Mana because of it.

Rush decks work well against Baron Geddon on normal mode, since he only has 30 health and he'll receive 3 damage from any Flame Imp he plays. A standard Face Hunter or Zoolock deck should be able to take out Baron Geddon in a couple of tries.

On heroic, Baron Geddon's Hero Power does 10 damage if you leave any mana unspent, and Living Bomb does 10 damage as well if allowed to explode. In addition, Baron Geddon has 50 health and 50 armor, greatly reducing the effectiveness of rush decks. A Priest deck with lots of healing or a Demonlock deck with Mal'Ganis has worked to kill this boss on heroic. Make sure to use Ironbeak Owl and as many more silences as you need. You'll probably have to take at least one round of Ignite Mana, so prepare some healing for this encounter as well.
His Deck

For defeating Baron Geddon, you will receive two Blackwing Technician cards.

Back to Top Majordomo Executus and Ragnaros the Firelord

Majordomo Executus has a deck full of removal and high cost creatures. Early game, he'll use his Hero Power, The Majordomo to summon minions and use Lava Shock to remove your early creatures. However, as you start bringing his health down, Majordomo Executus' deck has a huge supply of Molten Giants and other high cost creatures. Make sure to bring his health down to around 15-20 and then burst him down before he can overwhelm the board with Molten Giants.

After Majordomo Executus' health hits 0, Ragnaros will immediately replace Executus and have 8 armor and 8 health on normal mode. In addition, the board state will carry on as if nothing happened, so any minions that haven't attacked on your current turn can attack Ragnaros immediately. The encounter's Hero Power changes to DIE, INSECT!, just like the Ragnaros minion, so you should aim to finish off the fight as soon as possible. You won't have to worry about any more Molten Giant after the transition; clear out the remaining ones and then you'll just have to deal with his remaining large creatures such as Core Hound and Fire Elemental, but with Ragnaros dealing 8 damage every turn with his hero power, you won't have much time.

Play against Executus like you would against Handlock. Rush decks and combo decks are effective at killing normal Executus before he can get too many Molten Giants. Try to save a couple burn spells, if possible, for Ragnaros himself.

On heroic, Majordomo Executus' Hero Power now summons 3/3 minions instead of 1/3 minions and Ragnaros has a full 30 armor and 30 health to take down. More importantly, Ragnaros' Hero Power now deals 8 damage to TWO random enemy targets, so make sure to kill Rag as soon as possible. Since Ragnaros has 30 health, Molten Giants will be making an appearance again. However, Ragnaros doesn't have any taunt cards, so just finish him off when he's low enough. On heroic, control decks work well as Executus tends to favour trading minions rather than going for face damage. The enemy has no board clear spells, so focus on building up a board early and prevent as many Molten Giants as possible when summoning Ragnaros. Token Paladin is a great deck for this encounter as Ragnaros' Hero Power has a good chance of hitting small minions or a Divine Shield.
His Deck

For defeating Majordomo Executus, you will receive two Imp Gang Boss cards and Majordomo Executus himself!