A patch for Build 8036 has appeared on the Blizzard servers, and includes enticing new data for a "brm presale" achievement, and card backs named Molten Core, Ragnaros, and Golden Celebration! This appears to point to a new adventure focusing on Blackrock Mountain, including Molten Core!

The meaning of the "Golden Celebration" references are unclear. Both achievements are triggered by "licensedetected", which has been used to award achievements based on purchases. The "Golden Celebration" sounds more likely to come as a 1-year anniversary reward though.

The Ragnaros card back is listed as a season reward, which is probably March Season 2015. There is also a new card that appears to be used for internal developer testing.

Update: This patch is now live, though it included no patch notes.

This data came with no new text strings or graphics, so for now we just have summaries of what little data we have.

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  • purchase brm presale
    ID: 211
  • golden celebration cardback
    ID: 215

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  • Molten Core
    Source: Achievement
    ID: 18
  • Ragnaros
    Source: Season
    ID: 19
  • Golden Celebration
    Source: Achievement
    ID: 20

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This appears to be a developer card for internal testing.
  • AI Buddy - Blank Slate
    Spawn into play to clear the entire board, both hands, both decks, all mana and all secrets.