This Thursday, the final wing of Blackrock Mountain will open! This week, players will fight four new bosses in Nefarian's Hidden Laboratory to take down Nefarian once and for all. Unlike the other wings which were modelled after raids that were released in Classic Warcraft, the Hidden Laboratory is modelled after the first raid in Warcraft's Cataclysm expansion, Blackwing Descent. The bosses for this week are Omnotron Defense System, Maloriak Atramedes and Nefarian.


For clearing the Hidden Laboratory on normal mode, you will receive the following cards: Volcanic Drake, Blackwing Corruptor, Drakonid Crusher, Dragonkin Sorcerer and Nefarian. The Paladin class challenge will be released as well which will reward Solemn Vigil.

Hearthhead will release our final Blackrock Mountain guide this Thursday with the Hidden Laboratory. If you missed our previous boss guides, you can check out our Blackrock Depths guide, our Molten Core guide, our Blackrock Spire guide or our Blackwing Lair guide.