Hidden Laboratory, the final wing of the Blackrock Mountain adventure mode was released today and players can now face Omnotron Defense System, Maloriak, Atramedes and Nefarian. The wing is available for 700 gold or $6.99 (5.99 EUR / 4.99 GBP). Below, we'll be giving a brief overview of the encounters and their deck lists. If you missed it, don't forget to check out our Blackrock Depths guide, our Molten Core guide, our Blackrock Spire guide and our Blackwing Lair guide.

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For defeating the Hidden Laboratory on normal mode, you will receive the following cards: Volcanic Drake, Blackwing Corruptor, Drakonid Crusher, Dragonkin Sorcerer and Nefarian. The Paladin class challenge has been released as well which will reward Solemn Vigil.

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The Omnitron Defense System has a mech themed deck which includes many of the standard mech cards you would see in a constructed deck such as Mechwarper, Cogmaster and Tinkertown Technician. In addition, the Omnitron Defense System has the ability to summon 4 different mechs with its hero power. One of these mechs will be activated every 2 turns starting on Turn 2 in the following order: Arcanotron, Toxitron, Electron and then Magmatron. Each of these mechs has an effect that will affect both heroes and one popular strategy is to leave Electron and Arcanotron alive to create cheap devastating spells. Also be make sure to kill their Iron Sensei cards as soon as possible since it will buff most of their cards.

On Heroic, the mechs summoned by the Defense System's hero power all cost 2 mana less and Toxitron, Electron and Magmatron gain +1/+1 to their stats. Many players have had success using a heavy spell Mage deck with Sorcerer's Apprentices. Leaving Electron alive and playing one Sorcerer's Apprentice past turn 6 and ensuring its survival using Freeze spells will allow you to play Archmage Antonidas the following turn which will give you infinite fireballs to kill whatever you want. Just be sure you don't kill yourself to Magmatron's effect.
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For defeating Omnitron Defense System, you will receive two Volcanic Drake cards.

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The Maloriak fight revolves around his hero power, The Alchemist. Each minion that is summoned will have its health and attack swapped with the Crazed Alchemist effect. Maloriak's minions are not very deadly on normal mode, however he does have Mana Wyrm and Flesheating Ghoul which can scale out of control if left untouched. You should also watch out for his two secrets: Counterspell and Duplicate. You can also try to save a board clear for when he uses a Release the Aberrations! or Imp-losion.

On heroic Maloriak's hero power will give each of his minions +2/+2 once played. This will also be granted to his Aberrations summoned by Release the Aberrations! which will now be 3/3 tokens with charge. Try including cards like Nerubian Egg which will turn into a 2 mana 4/4 and Molten Giant since Maloriak will deal a lot of early game damage. You may also want to include Silences to deal with his buffed Sludge Belchers and Big Game Hunter to deal with his Drakonid Crusher which will always be able 7 attack because of his hero power.. Occasionally, Maloriak will decide to play his coin and Release the Aberrations! on Turn 1, and you should probably start over since it'll be very difficult to come back with three 3/3 minions on the board on the first turn. Maloriak doesn't have much face damage except for Release the Aberrations! so once you take the board, keep it clear and stay above 9 health.
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For defeating Maloriak, you will get two Blackwing Corruptor cards.

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At the start of the fight, you will gain 3 copies of Reverberating Gong in your hand which will destroy your opponent's weapon. Throughout the fight, every card you play will buff Atramedes' weapon with +1 attack. Play a copy of the gong when you feel that his weapon's attack has gotten too high and he may reform his weapon at 0 attack next turn. Atramedes has a couple of large creatures: Onyxia, Emperor Thaurissan and Magmaw but has very few removal cards. If you feel that 3 gong cards are not enough, you can add in Acidic Swamp Ooze or Harrison Jones to keep Atramedes' weapon in check.

On heroic, you will gain no Gong cards at the beginning of the fight and will have to rely solely on your own cards to destroy his weapon. Mulligan for an Acidic Swamp Ooze early and try to avoid playing too many cards unless you can deal with his weapon in the following turns. Using an Inner Fire Divine Spirit Priest deck with oozes has worked since Atramedes has a lack of hard removal. If you are able to get a large Deathlord, Atramedes may be forced to not attack on a couple of turns or take massive face damage.

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For defeating Atramedes, you will receive two Drakonid Crusher cards.

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Nefarian starts off with 30 health and 10 armor and has 2 phases. The first phase has Nefarian summoning 2 Bone Construct through his hero power and will end once you've destroyed all his armor. At this point, Phase 2 will begin and Nefarian will fly into the air leaving Onyxia to take his place with 15 health. Onyxia comes with her weapon, Onyxiclaw and comes with a new hero power Nefarian Strikes! which deals face damage based on how many turns you have spent in the second phase. The damage dealt is listed below:
  • 1 Turn: 1 damage
  • 2 Turns: 2 damage
  • 3 Turns: 1 damage
  • 4 Turns: 3 damage
  • 5 Turns: 1 damage
  • 6 Turns: 4 damage
  • 7 Turns: 0 damage
  • 8+ Turns: 20 damage
After Onyxia is killed, Nefarian lands and the first phase begins again but not before Nefarian destroys your entire board! Afterwards, burn through Nefarian's remaining health to complete the Hidden Laboratory wing!

Nefarian's deck is dragon themed and contains the standard components of a dragon deck including Blackwing Technician, Twilight Drake and Volcanic Drake but also includes Chromaggus. In addition, he includes Nerubian Egg and Dragon Egg which he can activate on his own using one of his many removal spells including Power Overwhelming and LAVA! which is a higher damage Whirlwind. Nefarian also includes Shadowflame so be careful of leaving any high attack creatures on the board for him to use.

On heroic, Nefarian has 30 armor before the second phase begins and Onyxia has 30 health meaning that the air phase will last longer and your hero will take more damage. Try to build up a board before entering the second phase by making efficient trades and board clear spells since you'll need to burn Onyxia quickly before Nefarian kills you from the sky. You will have to watch out for LAVA! and Shadowflame though, so try to keep your minions about 2 health and keep his side of the board clear as much as possible.
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For defeating Nefarian, you will receive two Dragonkin Sorcerer cards and Nefarian.