Today at 10:00 PST, Community Manager Zeriyah and Whirthun hosted a special Blackrock Mountain Stream on the official Hearthstone twitch channel. The duo revealed the remaining Blackrock Mountain Hearthstone cards in preparation for the release of the adventure mode this Thursday. 14 new collectible cards were revealed, as well as Ragnaros and DIE, INSECT!.

You can check out the new cards in addition to the other Blackrock Mountain cards in our deck database. Our Blackrock Mountain Guide is also updated with all 31 new cards!

The stream is over but you can still check out all the new cards below.

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3 new cards were revealed in the first game, including both paladin class cards! The cards are Solemn Vigil, Dragon Consort and Chromaggus.

In the second game, Emperor Thaurissan and the shaman common card, Fireguard Destroyer, was announced. The other shaman class card was previously revealed as Lava Shock.

In the third game, Majordomo Executus was revealed and turns your hero into Ragnaros with 8 health and a 2 mana hero power, DIE, INSECT!, that deals 8 damage to a random enemy.

@CM_Zeriyah You become Ragnaros from Majorodomo. Alexstraza is played on you. If your life set to 8 or 15?

The druid class cards are Volcanic Lumberer and Druid of the Flame.

The new rogue class card is Gang Up.

@bdbrode Hey man, I'm STOKED for #BRM!!! Quick question: Does "Gang Up" work on opponent minions too?

The new hunter class card is Quick Shot.

The new priest cards are Resurrect and Twilight Whelp.

The new warlock card is Demonwrath.

The new warrior card is Revenge.