With Molten Core and Blackrock Spire released we are now past the halfway point with only two wings remaining. Blackrock Mountain has shaken things up like many of us had hoped. Many new decks have emerged, and some existing archetypes have received some new tweaks. Lets take a look at some of the most popular decks utilizing BRM cards.

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When I wrote about Imp Gang Boss last month, Zoolock wasn’t on my mind because Demonlock was the new craze. But Zoolock is back after Warlocks were gifted with this 3-drop that instantly put Harvest Golem out of a job. This beefy imp comes into play with one more Health upfront than the Golem and has the chance to outperform the Mech by filling the board with 1/1 Imp tokens.

I like the Zoolock deck Firebat used in the Gfinity Hearthstone Spring Masters tournament. It still has an insane amount of low-drops (ten 1-drops and ten 2-drops), but there’s some inclusions that set it apart from other Zoolocks. Any deck that includes Echoing Ooze piques my interest, and the Sea Giant bring a lot of finishing power to this deck type.

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Starting out is all about the low-drops, as has always been the case with Zoo. I would definitely keep Imp Gang Boss if you also draw a 1 and a 2 drop (so you can curve out nicely), or if you get the coin. Throw back Nerubian Egg if you don’t draw any activators, but if you see an Abusive Sergeant keep that egg. Ironbeak Owl should also be thrown back since it is a card you want later on in the game (except against Hunter).

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There really isn’t anything new to say about playing regular Zoolock. This deck lives by it’s curve. With so many low-drops this deck will consistently have minions to play each and every turn.

Kolento has a Demon Zoolock that is a hybrid of Zoo and Demonlock. This deck has a slightly less aggressive curve (though there are still 19 cards that are 3 Mana or under). Mal'Ganis and Dr. Boom bring a beefy endgame to a rather aggressive deck. Void Terror gives another way to activate Nerubian Egg (on top of Abusive Sergeant and Defender of Argus), and is just fun to play with. Imp Gang Boss’ tokens also give the Terror another way to pump itself up if you want. If you have Mal’Ganis I would highly recommend taking this deck for a spin.

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The development that has me the most excited about Blackrock Mountain is that we now have a competitive Warrior deck other than Control thanks to Grim Patron. Last time I talked about Kripparrian and Yong Woo’s Patron Warriors. This deck has continued to be iterated upon by more pros, as seen in this past weekend’s Kinguin for Charity event. Pro-players Forsen and Chakki both brought Patron Warriors that were significantly different from one another.

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As mentioned last time, weapons are very important for the early game. Fiery War Axe will help control the board while you draw into the pieces of your Patron puzzle. If you go with Forsen’s version of the Patron Warrior I almost always keep Dread Corsair. Even if I don’t get a War Axe to start, I have three draws to hopefully find it. Turn 3 War Axe, removing an enemy minion, and playing a 1 Mana Corsair feels nice. Slam, Whirlwind, Unstable Ghoul, and Cruel Taskmaster can be good keeps against aggro decks even though they have synergy with Patrons later on.

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The overall speed of playing Patron Warrior hasn’t changed at all. This deck is still all about Grim Patron and Warsong Commander. Since they are 8 Mana worth of cards Patron Warrior needs to keep control of the early portions of the game to make it to Turn 5 and beyond. The perfect scenarios are when you already have a Death's Bite, or Unstable Ghoul in play before Turn 5 and can utilize their Whirlwind effects to create a new Patron on curve. Frothing Berserker can be a huge finisher if used with a Warsong Commander in play. Your opponent’s minions work against them when a Berserker is in play and any Whirlwind effects trigger.

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The last time we talked about the new decks emerging after the first week of Blackrock Mountain I lead in with Mill Rogue. Mill Druid is still around, and it has had quite the evolution. Unsurprisingly Emperor Thaurissan is showing up in Mill Druids now and discounting massive hands, paving the way for previously Mana-impossible combinations. Volcanic Lumberer are also being included now since Poison Seeds plus Starfall cause massive board clears and even larger discounts on this immolated treants. All of this exists in a deck with insane amounts of healing as well. TidesOfTime’s Mill Druid that he brought to Kinguin (and helped secure him 1st place) runs two Healing Touch, two Antique Healbot, and an Ancient of Lore, which allows this deck to outlive the fatigue race.

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Emperor Thaurissan is the only BRM inclusion in this old-school archetype, but he has made some serious waves. Getting a discount on Frostbolt, Ice Lance, or Fireball opens up lethal combinations in one turn that were previously impossible. Check out Chakki's Freeze Mage from the Kinguin tournament last weekend.

I can't wait for the next wing of Blackrock Mountain. It is always exciting to see new decks being created and some old staples getting some tweaks. Personally I am eagerly awaiting the rest of the Dragons so I have all the cards I could ever want to make a Dragon Paladin.