Blackwing Lair, the fourth wing of the Blackrock Mountain adventure mode was released today and players can now face Razorgore the Untamed, Vaelastrasz the Corrupt, Chromaggus and Lord Victor Nefarius. The wing is available for 700 gold or $6.99 (5.99 EUR / 4.99 GBP). Below, we'll be giving a brief overview of the encounters and their deck lists. If you missed it, don't forget to check out our Blackrock Depths guide, our Molten Core guide and our Blackrock Spire guide.

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For defeating Blackwing Lair on normal mode, you'll receive the following cards: Revenge, Flamewaker, Hungry Dragon, Fireguard Destroyer and Chromaggus. You will then unlock the Warlock and Rogue class challenges which will reward Demonwrath and Dark Iron Skulker upon defeat.

Back to Top Razorgore the Untamed

Razorgore starts off the fight with one Corrupted Egg on the board. Each turn he will summon another egg using his hero power, The Rookery, and buff the rest of his eggs with one additional health. The goal of the fight is to never let any of the eggs hatch by never letting them reach 4 health. The first egg will hatch after your 3rd turn, so you need to make sure to damage the highest health egg before then. To do this, you want to mulligan for as many early game creatures as possible to develop an early board presence. Watch out for Razorgore's Wolfrider as he may surprise you with a lethal blow if your health is too low.

Adding 1 drops such as Zombie Chow will help your early game and having board clear spells will help if you fall behind. For normal mode, picking druid, rogue or mage may be useful since their hero powers can take care of newly spawned eggs.

On heroic, Razorgore's eggs start with 3 health and hatch at 5 health. This means that the first egg will hatch after your first turn. Essentially, you'll need to mulligan for a one drop in order to have a good chance of stabilizing afterwards. In addition, Razorgore adds Bloodlust to his deck so you may need to continue to kill eggs if you health is low. Paladin is popular choice for heroic because of Equality, Consecration and Aldor Peacekeeper and in the mid game, a good equality consecrate combo will turn the tables in your favour as you continue to develop a board.
His Deck

For defeating Razorgore, you will receive two Revenge cards.

Back to Top Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

Playing against Vaelastrasz is similar to playing against a mill rogue. His hero power, Essence of the Red, makes each player draw two cards each turn. Vaelastrasz's deck synergies well with his hero power since it contains Clockwork Giants and Goblin Sappers. You'll want to include some early drops to attempt to keep your card count as low as possible to not overdraw. In addition, he may decide to play Naturalize and Vaelastrasz will probably also win the fatigue battle since he is able to extend the size of his deck multiple times using Gang Up. Watch out if your health gets low, since he has quite a few Burning Adrenaline cards to deal up to 10 damage for no mana.

On heroic, Vaelastrasz now has an additional 15 armor and his hero power adds one additional mana crystal to his pool every turn. In addition, both players will now draw 3 cards. His deck remains the same, but there's almost no way to avoid overdrawing with the extra card every turn. With more mana, Vaelastrasz is able to use his removal on earlier turns, making aggro less effective on heroic. You may want to try using your own Gang Up by playing Rogue and use Mountain Giants and Clockwork Giants as well.
His Deck

For defeating Vaelastrasz, you will get two Dragon Consort cards.

Back to Top Chromaggus

Chromaggus' uses his hero power at the end of his turn, which will place one of 5 special Brood cards into your hand. The cards are: Brood Affliction: Red, Brood Affliction: Green, Brood Affliction: Blue, Brood Affliction: Black and Brood Affliction: Bronze. Each card can be played for 1 mana but while it remains in your hand, it will give some benefit to Chromaggus. If you receive a Black or Bronze card, you will probably want to get rid of these cards as soon as possible since they may cause the game to spiral out of control. Blue can be dangerous if you have a board, as it allows Chromaggus to potentially use more removal. Green and Red are the least threatening, but whenever you have free mana, feel free to get rid of them.

Chromaggus' deck also contains Chromatic Dragonkin. You should clear the Dragonkin before playing any spells or removing any of the Brood cards from your hand. When using spells to attempt to remove the Dragonkin, its effect will trigger before the damage is applied so make sure to account for the additional +2 health.

On heroic, all of the Brood cards numbers have tripled. They cost three mana to discard, Bronze and Blue reduce Chromaggus' mana costs of minions and spells by three, Green restores 6 health to Chromaggus and Red deals 3 damage to your face. Bronze is even more deadly then before and will lose you board presence quickly if you hold on to it. Many players have had success with an Inner Fire Divine Spirit Priest deck. If you can get at least 1 minion with 10 or more health, Chromaggus doesn't have any instant single target removal, so you can continue to trade with his minions until he's topdecking. Also watch out for his Flamestrike when you manage to get a board presence.
His Deck

For defeating Chromaggus, you will receive two Hungry Dragon cards.

Back to Top Lord Victor Nefarius

On the first turn of this encounter, Lord Nefarius will activate his dragon form granting him an additional 30 armor and access to all 10 of his mana crystals for the remainder of the encounter. However, your old friend Ragnaros is on your side and grant you one of four cards at the beginning of each of your turns. The cards are DIE, INSECT!, Whirling Ash, Son of the Flame and Living Lava. Use these cards to overcome Nefarius' large mana pool; just remember that you don't necessarily have to play the card this turn. If you want to save Son of the Flame for when there are minions on the board, feel free!

Nefarius' deck is a dragon themed deck, just like the rest of the wing, but some complexity comes from his hero power, Wild Magic. He uses this every turn to put one random spell from your chosen class into his hand. If you're playing paladin, he could get Lay on Hands or any secrets, even if you're not running those cards. Due to its randomness, he could draw exactly what he needs to wipe your board using Twisting Nether so hope that RNG is on your side!

On heroic, Nefarius has more armor and Ragnaros is only able to aid you once on Turn 3. You'll have to overcome Nefarius' 10 mana crystals while you build up your own turn by turn. Try using taunts such as Deathlord to slow his aggression but once you do develop a board, be wary of Flamestrikes.
His Deck

For defeating Nefarius, you will receive two Fireguard Destroyer cards and Chromaggus.