This Thursday, the third wing of Blackrock Mountain will open! This week, players will fight three new bosses as they push through the Blackrock Spire. The bosses for this week are Highlord Omokk, General Drakkisath, and Rend Blackhand.


For clearing all the Blackrock Spire bosses on normal mode, you will receive the following cards: Core Rager, Dragon Consort, Dragon Egg and Rend Blackhand. This week's class challenges are priest and druid which will reward Twilight Whelp and Volcanic Lumberer for defeating them.

Hearthhead will have our Blackrock Spire guide this Thursday with encounter overviews and deck lists to help you defeat Rend Blackhand and his minions. If you missed the previous week's wings, you can check out our Blackrock Depths guide or our Molten Core guide.