Blackrock Spire, the third wing of the Blackrock Mountain adventure mode was released today and players can now face Highlord Omokk, General Drakkisath and Rend Blackhand. The wing is available for 700 gold or $6.99 (5.99 EUR / 4.99 GBP). Below, we'll be giving a brief overview of the encounters and their deck lists. If you missed it, don't forget to check out our Blackrock Depths guide and Molten Core guide.

You can view upcoming bosses and hero powers in our full list of Blackrock Mountain bosses and hero powers. If you're looking for a deck, you can filter for a particular deck designed to defeat a particular boss.

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For defeating Blackrock Spire on normal mode, you'll receive the following cards: Core Rager, Dragon Consort, Dragon Egg and Rend Blackhand. You will then unlock the Priest and Druid class challenges which will reward Twilight Whelp and Volcanic Lumberer upon defeat.

Back to Top Highlord Omokk

Highlord Omokk has an ogre themed deck with a swarm of low cost minions to buff and support his higher cost creatures. Omokk's Hero Power is ME SMASH, which is very similar to the warrior card Execute. Be mindful of trading your high cost or high health minions as if they remain damage by the end of the turn, Omokk may destroy them. You'll also have to watch out for his TIME FOR SMASH card which will destroy a minion and his Charge combo which can deal a surprising amount of damage if used with any of his high attack minions.

On normal mode, Highlord Omokk only has 30 health so using an aggressive deck should make quick work of the fight. The low health minions of an aggressive deck can flood the board to reduce the effectiveness of his hero power and kill him before any of Omokk's dangerous creatures hit the board.

On heroic, Omokk's Hero Power no longer requires the target to be damaged allowing him to remove one creature each turn from your board. Paladin seems to be a good choice on heroic. Use weapons to deal with Omokk's early aggression and then flood the board with low cost minions or a Muster for Battle and tokens. Cards like Humility and Aldor Peacekeeper are great for stalling until you can play your minions.
His Deck

For defeating Highlord Omokk, you will receive two Core Rager cards.

Back to Top General Drakkisath

General Drakkisath's Hero Power is an aura that changes the flow of the encounter. Each player can play only 1 card each turn for the entire fight. Mana costs are irrelevant; you are able to Alexstrasza on turn 1 if you find it in your opening hand. Drakkisath's deck contains high cost minions, with a large selection of removal spells including board clear spells ( Twisting Nether, Brawl, Flamestrike) and single target removal ( Drakkisath's Command, Fireball).

You will want to build a deck of high cost creatures with some removal of your own. Priest and Mage are good choices for this fight. Priests are able to Mind Control any of Drakkisath's creatures for a tempo advantage and mages can use freeze spells and Mirror Entity to do a similar thing. Build your deck with high value cards and legendaries such as Kel'Thuzad, Force-Tank MAX or Sneed's Old Shredder. A turn 1 Alexstrasza will also deal 35 damage to the unarmored Drakkisath and you should be able to finish him off quickly.

On heroic, Drakkisath is allowed to play two cards every turn as opposed to your 1 card. It's important to mulligan for a high value card to play on turn 1, so that you can continue to stay ahead or at least keep even with his board. You may also want to include Big Game Hunters to deal with any big minions Drakkisath plays.
His Deck

For defeating General Drakkisath, you will get two Dragon Consort cards.

Back to Top Rend Blackhand

Rend Blackhand has four total hero powers that he can acquire throughout the encounter. Each time he uses his current hero power, he will acquire one of the other three hero powers randomly. The hero powers are Open the Gates, Old Horde, Blackwing and Dismount with Dismount being much more rare than the others; however it is the most deadly. If Dismount is picked early, hopefully you have a Big Game Hunter or other removal to deal with it quickly.

Blackhand's deck consists of many dragons and uses some tribal synergy with cards like Blackwing Technician and Blackwing Corruptor. Make sure to include some AoE removal for the constant tokens summoned by Blackhand's hero power. You'll also need some way to deal with his biggest creatures: Onyxia and The Beast. Be warned though, Blackhand has at least two The True Warchief cards in his deck which will destroy any legendary minion for only 1 mana. Additionally, cards such as Mind Control Tech, Sea Giant can benefit off Blackhand's board state and taunt cards like Sludge Belcher and Sunwalker can deal with his small minions.

On heroic Blackhand's Hero Powers receive the largest change and all his summons now have a combination of more attack, more health or both. For example, Dismount now summons a 8/8 Gyth instead of an 8/4 and the 1/1 tokens are now 2/2 tokens. Many players have had success with Priest using Wild Pyromancer to deal with early aggression and a Circle of Healing Auchenai Soulpriest combo to clear the rest of the board. Make sure to watch Blackhand's hero power so you can prepare for the appropriate cards for whatever creatures he will be summoning. There have been some people who have used a standard Face Hunter Deck to burst Blackhand before he has a chance to do anything, since Explosive Trap is great at dealing with his 2/2 tokens. However, if Blackhand receives his Blackwing or Gyth hero power early, then you may need to try again.
His Deck

For defeating Rend Blackhand, you will receive two Dragon Egg cards and Rend Blackhand himself!