Blackrock Depths, the first wing of the Blackrock Mountain adventure mode, is out today with each week being the release of a brand new wing. Each wing will cost 700 gold or $6.99 (5.99 EUR / 4.99 GBP) each, however there are some bundles available if you want to buy them in buik. Below, we'll be giving a brief overview of the encounters and what cards they have in their decks.

You can see a full list of the normal and heroic Blackrock Mountain bosses and hero powers here. Be sure to check out the uncollectible cards of Blackrock Mountain to see what kind of cards these bosses will be playing against you.

You can also view everything else Blackrock Mountain in our handy guide including all the new collectible cards.

This week, you will unlock the following cards for beating the entire wing on normal mode: Grim Patron, Gang Up, Resurrect and Emperor Thaurissan. In addition, you will unlock the Hunter and Mage class challenges which upon completion unlock Quick Shot for the Hunter class and Dragon's Breath for the Mage class.

Back to Top Coren Direbrew (The Grim Guzzler)

The Coren Direbrew fight revolves around building a deck that benefits the most from his hero power, Pile On!. Each turn Coren Direbrew will summon one minion from each deck into the battlefield, free of charge. Because of this, you are able to build a deck that has a higher curve than normal, because many minions will be summoned to the battlefield for free.

However, past turn 5 be sure to watch out for Coren's Brawl card if you have a huge board presence. In addition, if you see Coren play his Dark Iron Bouncer card, you should probably kill it as soon as possible because a brawl is about to start and the winner has already been decided. When Coren has a couple big minions on the board, he may decide to play Get 'em! to protect them. You may want to include and save a board clear spell for this moment to break through his wall of taunts quickly. Don't leave them up for too long though, as Coren can buff them with Stormwind Champion. Coren also has a couple of Execute cards for minion removal and Dark Iron Skulker and Whirlwind for board clears.

On heroic, Coren will summon two minions on his side of the field, but only summons one for you. Because of this, you need some good early trades or some early removal to not fall behind early.
His Deck

For defeating Coren Direbrew, you will receive two Grim Patron cards.

Back to Top High Justice Grimstone (The Dark Iron Arena)

High Justice Grimstone uses a deck of 30 Legendary Minions to fight you in the Dark Iron Arena. You'll have to contend with all sorts of Legendaries while Grimstone uses his hero power, Jeering Crowd, to summon Dark Iron Spectator taunters to get in your way of his big creatures. Druid and Mage are good choices because you can use your hero power to take out the spectator and then trade with his creatures.

On heroic, High Justice Grimstone starts the battle off with 4 mana on his first turn and his hero power costs 0 mana allowing him to automatically summon a taunter to get in your way every turn. With the ability to summon a 5 mana cost creature on turn 1 (because of the coin), you must regain board control before you fall too far behind. However, since he has 30 legendaries, he has no way to regain board control once you've taken it.
His DeckRewards
For defeating High Justice Grimstone, you will receive two Gang Up cards.

Back to Top Emperor Thaurissan

Emperor Thaurissan begins the battle with one card on the board, Moira Bronzebeard. Whenever this card is alive, Thaurissan is unable to use his hero power, which if ever used will deal 30 damage to your hero and probably kill you. Because of this, the entire fight revolves around keeping Moira alive, which is more difficult than it looks since she only has 3 health. To complicate things, Thaurissan includes cards with AOE deathrattles in his deck such as Unstable Ghoul and on heroic only, Abomination. However, Moira will never trade with a minion unless that minion has taunt, so be sure not to drop any taunt creatures in this fight.

Thaurissan's deck is able to deal a large amount of early face damage due to his arsenal of low cost creatures including his Leper Gnome and Axe Flinger cards and his weapon cards. Don't forget that Moira will be dealing 1 damage each turn as well.

The major change in heroic mode is that Moira Bronzebeard is now a 3/1 minion instead of a 1/3. This means that board clears cannot be used and that Moira will be dealing 3 face damage a turn instead of 1 until the end of the encounter. That's a lot of damage! Many players have been using Crazed Alchemist to swap Moira to a 1/3 to lower damage taken and give Moira more health. In addition, the following cards have been added to his deck: Grim Patron, Death's Bite, Abomination, Fire Elemental and Flamestrike. The deathrattles of Abomination and Death's bite will kill Moira if her health has not been buffed
His DeckRewards
For defeating Emperor Thaurissan, you will receive two Resurrect cards and Emperor Thaurissan himself to add to your decks.

Back to TopApril 2nd Hotfixes

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Resolved an issue involving the use of Recombobulator on minions that have had their mana costs affected by Emperor Thaurissan.
Resolved an issue with Nozdormu when he is played by High Justice Grimstone.
Heroic Blackrock Mountain bosses now use correct card back.