The Blackrock Mountain adventure mode is now available for pre-order! You can purchase all 5 wings for $24.99 (21.99 EUR / 17.49 GBP). or each wing separately for $6.99 (5.99 EUR / 4.99 GBP). Pre-orders with gold are not available, however upon Blackrock's Mountain release, each wing will be available for 700 gold.

Blackrock Mountain is set to release in April so make sure to stay up to date by checking out our Blackrock Mountain guide. You can view all the currently known Blackrock Mountain cards in our database.

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The patch notes are now available:
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The time for adventure draws nigh! Soon, Blackrock Mountain will open to all those brave enough to enter and do battle against the fiery foes within!

Pre-purchase Hearthstone’s second adventure Blackrock Mountain and gain immediate access to the Molten Core card back. This red-hot card back can only be obtained by pre-purchasing the Blackrock Mountain adventure with out-of-game currency, including real life money, iTunes® balance and Google Play™ balance.


Charge into the fray the second each wing of Blackrock Mountain becomes available! Pre-purchasing Blackrock Mountain ensures that you’ll have access to each of the wings just as soon as it becomes available in your region. 

The Blackrock Mountain adventure costs $24.99 to pre-purchase, and can be found in Hearthstone’s in-game shop. Don’t forget to equip the blazing Molten Core card back once you’ve pre-purchased the adventure!

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Players who pre-order Blackrock Mountain before it releases in April will get the Molten Core cardback for free! There has not been any mention of another way to earn this cardback, so make sure to pre-order if you like the look.

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