At the Blizzard Media "Heroes HQ" party, one Blackrock Mountain encounter was available to play, Coren Direbrew. We got to attempt him on both Normal and Heroic with some pre-made decks Blizzard had set up for us. HamletEJ summarized the encounter below, and for even more information, check out our Blackrock Mountain Overview.

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Coren's Hero Power, "Pile On!", costs 0 mana, and he always uses it at the start of every turn. It puts one random Minion from both players' decks directly into play (not triggering any Battlecries). On Heroic difficulty, it now pulls two Minions from his deck (but still only one from yours), and he also starts with 15 armor. The result is a fast-paced battle that usually turns into a quickly-escalating brawl (also one of his favorite cards) due to the constant appearance of new Minions. On Heroic, you further have to deal with his nonstop card and resource advantage from the extra free Minions over you every turn.

It's only one encounter so far, but it recalls some of the best Naxxramas bosses, which asked you build a deck to puzzle your way around a seemingly-overpowered Hero Power. You want huge Minions to take advantage of the free passage directly into play, but also enough cheaper cards to have early turn plays. For people who want to theorycraft approaches to this in advance, one detail is that if Coren's deck is depleted of Minions, he will continue activating his Hero Power--it will not cause him Fatigue until his draws the rest of his cards, but you'll still get your free Minion each turn.

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Coren has several dialogue options that reference the Grim Guzzler in Blackrock Depths--a bar frequented by Dark Iron Dwarves who alternate between dancing on tables and angrily attacking players. He mentions the bouncer Phalanx when War Golem is played, hostess Mistress Nagmara for Succubus, and the hourly ETC performance for Elite Tauren Chieftain.

The loading text for the adventure also had new amusing flavor text, including "Interrupting Brewfest" which references Coren Direbrew's attacks during the beer celebration, "Heating Lava," and "Setting Enemies on Fire."

In between turns, we also experimented with the Blackrock Mountain board, clicking everywhere to find the unique interactive options. They include submerging  Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, heating up the Black Forge (the only place you can smite Smelt Dark Iron in WoW), and breaking the Rookery eggs to free whelps.

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Below are some pictures of the event, including amazing dessert names, the demo area, and the party favors.