PCGamer recently had an interview with Ben Brode after some of the hot topics after The Grand Tournament's release. We've highlighted some of the important points but you can read the entire interview by clicking here.
  • Deck Slots will happen and the team is discussing the best way to implement it.
  • Not every Inspire Card is targeted at the tier one decks.
  • The developer team wanted push players to build Joust decks and not have Joust be included in every deck.
  • Mysterious Challenger is definitely powerful but there are opportunities to play around the secrets unlike the Grim Patron Warrior deck which can kill you in a single turn.
  • The developer team is keeping a close eye on Grim Patron decks and have no plans for nerfs currently.
  • Poisoned Blade was made to emulate the Rogue Hero Power from early development, giving an equipped weapon +1 attack permanently. It has the potential for burst damage under the right circumstance with Blade Flurry.
  • Randomness can increase the amount of skill in Hearthstone. Skilled players will identify the best response with the current card draws and random events that occur on the board.
  • For The Grand Tournament, the team had to make powerful cards, but didn't want to make cards powerful in all situations. Thus, many powerful cards included Tribal synergies.
  • The developers are able to sort statistics based on multiple criteria including class, cards, rank and player.

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