There's a reason you don't get to see what Babbling Book generates.

Game Director Ben Brode never really stops being the public face of Hearthstone and he's certainly the most prominent voice on the development team. There are many other forward facing developers, designers, and producers that frequently talk about behind the scenes information like bug fixes, card interactions, and more. But lately it's been the Brode show and that continues this week with some commentary on the healthiness of cards like Hungry Crab and Golakka Crawler along with some reasoning as to why you don't get to see what cards your opponent Discovers.

Is Blizzard is aware of the game freezing in spectator mode whenever a game is finished? (@altestadores)

Yes, sorry about that

Why do some cards like Circle of Healing have additional clarifications but others like Elemental Destruction don't? (@Vi70363741)

Basic and classic are exposed to new players first (usually) and in our testing most new players missed that word.


Swapped 2 Golakka Crawlers for 2 Hungry Crabs a couple hours ago and went from Rank 3 -> Legend tonight! (Brode)

Isn't the fact that this can happen a negative overall (obviously great in the individual games) sign for the game? (@smurfy365)

I think if the meta becomes predictable and you can counter it that is generally upside. It forces the meta to change.

Difference between (for example) control warrior is great vs the meta and *insert highly situational F or A+ card* is great vs one deck, no? (@smurfy365)

It's broad. Why is Ctrl Warrior good vs Meta? Is it because Armorsmith and Ravaging Ghoul is good vs Aggro? Or War Axe is good vs 3HP dudes? In a different meta, (i.e. Combo decks), control warrior may not be fast enough.

At the end of the day, there are lots of tools for anti-control and anti-aggro. Tuning your deck vs the meta is hard but rewarding options for very skewed and specific metas can be even more risky and potentially even more rewarding.

I like designs like "Destroy a minion with exactly 5 Attack". Very narrow, but we can make it very cheap, so guessing right is rewarding.

More directly answering your question: good to allow different decks that can do well vs Meta, but also cards to tweak your deck to improve.


What would be a good reason not to reveal discovered/random cards add to hand? (/u/BigDave_76)

We have playtested these types of effects and they can sometimes have the effect of removing hope from your opponent. If you could see your opponent's hand, the game would be less fun to play, not more. It's ok to play a big minion and have it get to destroyed. It's less fun knowing you can't play your big minion in the first place. I think it's less frustrating when your opponent is holding minions you already know about, than when they are holding removal or AoE.

We sometimes end up in this space with cards like Thistle Tea and bounce effects on minions with Battlecry, but it's something we try not to do too much of.

Also, I want to mention how much I appreciate you phrasing this question in a way that invites conversation. There are definitely pros and cons in this discussion, but I prefer coming from a place of "let's learn more". I love working with the community to share thoughts and ideas for how to improve the game. /salute