All it takes is one look at the Hearthstone community to see how loud the response to Ragnaros, Lightlord has been. While some were just happy to see something interesting being done with the Whispers of the Old Gods set, others had their concerns due to Warcraft lore, believing that our jovial card game should try to stick closer to what is canon. And to clarify, many from the development teams of both games confirm that this isn't something that is grounded in the history of Warcraft. That said, Lead Designer Ben Brode reminds us that in the end, Hearthstone is a card game inside of Warcraft. He took some time to respond to players last night in what makes for an interesting read, especially if you're on the fence regarding the whole matter.

Oh crap I looked away for a second and someone revealed the new Ragnaros.

I love how we corrupted Hogger and everyone was like "yeah sure" and then we twisted Ragnaros and people are like "noooo my lore"

Whispers of the Old Gods (if not all of Hearthstone) is definitely a "What If?" take on Warcraft lore.

We're not done twisting characters you remember - hope y'all enjoy the ride!

I love how we corrupted Hogger and everyone was like "yeah sure" and then we twisted Ragnaros and people are like "noooo my lore"
Not that I blame folks - it's certainly on the edge. Just take comfort in the fact that we are in a safe, non-canonical, space here. :)

@bdbrode if you covered rag in tentacles I'm pretty sure nobody would have looked twice
@Eyce_Au we covered a lot of things in tentacles already
@bdbrode The new paladin legendary says it'll restore health to a damaged friendly character, but does not say "random." Is it random?
@bdbrode maybe people thought corrupted hogger was more plausible than a lightlord Ragnaros.
@Monk_Norris fair enough :) I don't think it's a crazy reaction FWIW, just important to realize the set isn't that serious
@bdbrode I mean, not that I care much about it, but he's corrupted... By light?? It doesn't quite work the other way around!
@RoarTheDinosaur to me it was fun to twist good guys to evil because of corruption so we wanted to (just for paladin) explore the other way.
@bdbrode I mean it makes sense that the old gods COULD corrupt Hogger, but who's good-ifying Ragnaros? What's his motivation? :P
@tetraplasm all four old gods show up and he's like "you know what? Someone needs to do something about this!"
@bdbrode I don't think you need to follow the lore or anything, but the flavor feels very off on this card.
@PaigeSMGolden hmm yeah fair enough. Tried hard to sell it with the art.
@bdbrode now ragnaros works for the good guys?
@iGuther just for this one set :)
@bdbrode Why do you need the same name? It could be another character related to them instead, easily. (This goes for both Hogger and Rag)
@ThomasPinkham we are trying to explore a world where all 4 old gods have been unleashed. Thought it was more fun to mess with the familiar.
@bdbrode There's nothing abnormal about a corrupted creature. However, a light version (for PALADIN?!) servant of the old gods? Too much...
@AdamMuir the story we were trying to tell is he forsook his evil ways and is leading the charge against the creatures who enslaved him
@bdbrode It's a card game. Lore shouldn't factor in at all. You can and should go as crazy as you can making cards. I would.
@TovarishSR as someone who loves and respects the lore I think it is cool when we play within it. This is the very edge, at least for me.
@bdbrode but you release the neverbeforeseen N'zoth. Is that not canon?
@Fhinnovarr the character exists in Warcraft lore from before HS, so yeah. Also it gets weird because HS chars show up in WoW.
@bdbrode I guess it's more believable that a gnoll could be corrupted by an Old God than an elemental Lord could start using Holy power
@Fhinnovarr that's certainly true. I hope I didn't come off harsh - I understand the fear that we are driving the lore train to crazytown.
@bdbrode That I can respect. So does that mean alakir, and neptulon return, and therazane gets a card? They need to work together again!
@Fluxflashor no, only Ragnaros. ;)
@bdbrode so now I'm confused, why is it non-canonical, did finley not also get part of the lore?
@Yourtime it lets us do stuff like being back old gods who have died, have characters from different eras, etc
@bdbrode twisting characters feels lazy to me. Why not just make new characters?
@BobBoonah we do that too - but this set is pretty out there, wanted to ground it in some way.