Ben Brode Raps About How Arthas Became the Lich King

Master of the sick rhymes, the one and only Ben Brode is back with the new rap song - ARTHAS. You can listen to it here:

Everything started before the Journey to Un'goro's release. One redditor noticed that the cinematic has no song and made a petition asking Ben Brode to sing one (Source). Suprisingly, Ben Brode delivered and soon released a rap song about Un'Goro. People loved it, not only it got nearly a million views on the YouTube, but it became very well-known among the more devoted Hearthstone community. You can listen to the original Un'Goro rap here:

Note that many people recommend watching it at 1.5x speed for even better experience. You can speed it up on YouTube, or alternatively just listen to the sped up version here.

After the Knights of the Frozen Trone's reveal season has started, Ben Brode has hinted on his Twitter that he'll be doing something Arthas-related. Given the fact that picture attatched was the chair and staircase we can see in the Un'Goro rap song, people have immediately understood that a new rap is coming (Source). And so, it was finally released today.

Do you enjoy it as much as we do? Ben Brode doing new rap every expansion should definitely become a tradition!