For a large part of this week all of members of the Hearthstone team that are usually talkative redirected questions regarding the new format announcement to the official Hearthstone Twitter account. We're not sure what changed, but Lead Designer Ben Brode tackled a ton of questions yesterday regarding a wide variety of topics related to the announcement.

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@bdbrode Finally spent money on HS when it went mobile (bought all adventures). What's the upside of formats for a player in my situation?
@JZA_ONE the upside is you get to choose to keep playing like you're playing now, or try a new format. Or both!
@bdbrode Just bummed that cards I just bought will only be usable in 1 format in a few months. Would've spent on TGT had I known otherwise.
.@JZA_ONE They're only usable in 1 format now, but Wild should be a rad format going forward. If it's not, we'll make changes until it is.
@bdbrode Dont you see that Wild format will eventually cease to exist since new players wont have the opportunity to buy cards from old sets
@Dardanos8 I just don't think that's going to happen. Our intention is that Wild will be a real format. If it's not, we'll adjust.
@bdbrode Why don't hold official competition to wild? if U don't, i'll sure wild not be mainstream.a problem is wild's importance
@kym1320 I think Wild will be pretty awesome. But if not, we will adjust as necessary.
@bdbrode @JZA_ONE There is plenty of skepticism about the whole "you still have wild" -argument. Likely it'll be the second class citizen.
@Kaistila that's understandable. I think what's important is our intention and willingness to change things if we don't hit our goal.

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@bdbrode Ben, have you given any thought to rotating what cards make up Classic? Something like what L5R did with different Editions?
.@captain_puppy I think there are lots of things possible once we've had some time to play with the two formats and see what's good and bad.
@bdbrode not including cards in a standard shifting "core" is better than nerfing classic many classic cards no?
.@FallOfTheLiving Maybe. We'll start with this and see how it goes. Nerfing cards might make both formats more fun. We'll learn, at least.
@bdbrode @JZA_ONE brode will you guys come out with a new core set for free next season or will it always be the same?
@Josephk90 the idea is Basic and Classic will always be legal in Standard.
@bdbrode any chance you can give insight to the choice to go perma classic instead of a rotating core set?
@infamouscheater Safe purchase for new players. Most iconic cards. Foothold into Standard for returning players.
@bdbrode IMO, cycling out should be "number of set" based and not "calendar year" based. More overlapping sets are better for fun!!
@Milago_HS sure, but there is some downside. We're worried about people who log in post rotation and all their decks are broken.
@Milago_HS it's just a question of how often you want massive disruption. Let's see how it feels and see if it needs to change going forward

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@bdbrode If your goal is to keep wild balanced how are you going to handle reprints? There are a lot of cards we would like to see again.
@GardenHormes No current plans for reprints but it certainly could happen. Not sure we'd want to do it in the next set, though.
@bdbrode I suppose if you reprint a card it makes my old card valid for standard too?
@Kruk14 presumably but we have thought close to zero about this because I don't think it's right to do in the "soon" timeframe, at least.
@bdbrode If your goal is to keep wild balanced how are you going to handle reprints? There are a lot of cards we would like to see again.
@GardenHormes No current plans for reprints but it certainly could happen. Not sure we'd want to do it in the next set, though.
@bdbrode @GardenHormes can you explain the point in having two seperate formats if there is a possibility of reprinting old cards?
@ToniPlanktoni that's mostly academic. We don't have plans to do it right now.
@bdbrode would players be allowed to use older versions of reprinted cards or will we have to acquire those same cards again to use them?
@Lewtbag I have thought almost zero about reprints, but it seems like the former would be better.

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@bdbrode I think if there were banned cards in wild it would probably help a lot as well. Just my thoughts.
@FUDDSWORLD is banning better than nerfing?
@bdbrode @PlayHearthstone are there any balance controllation about wild after the new format implement
@21red_boy We're conservative with our nerfs, but if something needs to be nerfed, we will nerf it.
@bdbrode You guys are going to nerf cards in Wild Mode, right?
@CameronTwatter I'm sure we will have to someday. You know how conservative we are with nerfs, though.
@bdbrode Where will cards like ETC go once the new formats show up?

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@_piemaker Nothing should happen to your unopened GvG packs when Standard arrives. You will be able to open them as you would now.

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@PlayHearthstone @bdbrode Will the new players still have the opportunity to enjoy the old Adventures after they cycle out of standard mode?
@XcMtbGamer @LotiPodcast @PlayHearthstone @bdbrode we're excited to make use of that content in the future. Haven't decided on the details.