See concepts for some of the Gadgetzan art!

While avid Hearthstone players are probably well aware that artists and even Blizzard itself routinely release the entire art that is eventually cropped into its final card form, it's really not all that common to see the concept art that went into creating the pieces. We've been on the hunt to find a few of these for the upcoming Mean Streets of Gadgetzan set and there is a surprising number of them out in the wild already.

Today we have art by Rafael Zanchetin, a freelance artist who's previously done artwork for cards like PurifyDarkshire Librarian, and Wicked Witchdoctor. He is joined by Mike Azevedo, another Brazilian freelance artist known for his work for Riot Games including the splash arts for Malzehaar and Undertaker Yorick. And finally, we have Jim Nelson who is behind the likes of Aberrant BerserkerEerie Statue, and more.

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