Back to TopAviana and Anub'arak Revealed

The community reached 100% on the #TGTLegendary bar and so both of the legendaries have been revealed as Anub'arak and Aviana!

The next vote has started, so you can head over to The Grand Tournament Website and vote for the next card reveal!


Back to TopPenny Arcade's Master Jouster Art

Gabe from Penny Arcade revealed that he drew the artwork for the new Master Jouster card. Below is the original sketch and finished artwork.

I got to draw another Hearthstone card that people will use to kick my ass:… #grandtournament

Back to TopThe Masked Ball Tavern Brawl

A new Tavern Brawl has started between all the Gamescom information and this week it's time to create another Tavern Brawl Deck. This week, every time a minion is played it will gain Deathrattle: Summon random a minion of 2 less mana. For example if a 2-cost minion dies, it will summon a random 0-cost minion: either Wisp or Target Dummy.

Some things to remember:
  • A 1-cost minion will not gain the Deathrattle as there is no card that costs -1 mana to play.
  • Along the same lines, a minion summoned by a spell such as Druid of the Claw will not gain the Deathrattle.
  • The Deathrattle's mana cost is based off the card's original mana cost. Sea Giant will be treated as a 10 mana card and summon an 8 mana deathrattle.