A trio of players team up to win ATLC 2.
The Amaz Team League Championship (ATLC) is returning in January with ATLC 2! It'll once again consist of eight teams of three players each competing against each other for a large prize pool across 12 weeks of online play and a live finale!
It's currently being Kickstarted in an attempt to raise more funds for prize pool and to help pay for the costs of running the tournament. While doing so, the organizers are in the process of announcing which individuals are participating and how they'll be sorted into teams. Some already come from esports organizations, but others are just coming together to try and claim victory.
Among the teams already announced are:
  • Cloud 9
    • Kolento
    • Strifecro
    • Firebat 
  • G2
    • Lifecoach
    • Thijs
    • Rdu
  • Gentleman's Club
    • Forsen
    • Ostkaka
    • Superjj
  • Team Luminosity
    • Chakki
    • Fr0zen
    • Zalae
  • Dog's Furries
    • Dog
    • Tidesoftime
    • Purple


Today, Hearthhead is happy to announce the addition of Team Orz consisting of one of the best arena players in the world, Hafu, Tempo Storm's Eloise, and Team Celestial's Neobility!




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Hafu Eloise Neobility


Hafu isn't well known for her constructed play, but her performance in the arena. That said, she's also had very good results on the ladder including six Legend finishes peaking at Rank #2 and with a best finish of seventh!


Eloise has a lot of accolades including Top 4 in China vs North America in 2013, 5th in the Road to Blizzcon for China, just one spot out of a BlizzCon ticket, and Top 8 in China Golden Series in 2014 which is one of the biggest tournaments in China! GosuGamers currently has her ranked as the sixth best player from China.


Neobility is a name that many know, but probably don't follow. He's currently rated as one of the Top 50 players in North America, but Firebat thinks he's among the best in the region. 


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You're well known for liking to have fun while you play Hearthstone. Are you excited for ATLC 2? The last one was very much a blend of seriousness and fun from the viewer's perspective. Are you excited to be competing alongside Hafu and Neobility?


I’m excited! They are all very good players and I don't need to do much to carry them this time!