It's been a busy day in the Hearthstone tournament scene. Amaz has announced that ATLC 2 - formerly known as Archon Team League Championship, now Amaz Team League Championship - is coming back in January and is looking to the community for additional funding through Kickstarter. In addition, Kripp's Challengestone, something we haven't seen since last year's BlizzCon will be returning later this week.

"The current prize pool for the tournament is $100,000," reads the description. "If our Kickstarter campaign exceeds our initial goal of $200,000 and if we find plenty of sponsors before our first league matches in January, there is a high likelihood the prize pool will also increase. The rest of the funds raised from this campaign will go towards production costs; this includes our production staff, promotional videos and content, graphical assets, technical support, travel, live finale venue, hosting costs, Kickstarter rewards, and much much more behind-the-scenes stuff!"

The format itself is similar to what we experienced last time:

We will have 8 teams of 3 players each competing once again for a big prize pool and the title of ATLC2 champions in our extended 12-week online phase, and of course culminating in a live grand finale! There are some very cool changes in the format though from the last ATLC, while still keeping the ones that were successful! We'll be posting videos here as the reveal calendar progresses.


The aforementioned calendar is spread throughout November, the length of the Kickstarter promotion, and includes things like team and caster reveals, format discussions, and AMAs with Amaz. We'll be providing continued updates regarding which teams will be attending and any other of the most relevant information during the month.

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BlizzCon kicks off this week and the Hearthstone exhibition is once again going to be Kripp's Challengestone. Though the event hasn't been held since last year's BlizzCon, largely in part due to Blizzard's increased quality of Tavern Brawls, the idea is simple: change up deckbuilding rules. Previous tournaments including a ruleset where players could only use minions with an odd mana cost and spells of an even cost. The unique ruleset for this year has not yet been announced, we'll probably hear more about this as we draw closer to the expo.