It doesn't seem that long ago that anyone and everyone was clamoring for more Constructed Tavern Brawls. Especially following the release of The Grand Tournament, the entire community was anxious to see how the new cards changed some of the previous brawls. But as time has gone on, I've come to readily appreciate the purely randomized events where playing any class is quick and easy.

Aside from the fact that Heart of the Sunwell (start with 10 mana) and It's Raining Mana (gain two mana each turn) feel genuinely uninspiring every time they roll around, others like Double Deathrattler Battler make me feel as if I'm trying a bit to hard to win each match. I play ranked religiously and the Tavern is my main way of escaping some of the seriousness that comes with it. So having to run things like Lil' Exorcist and Piloted Shredder can leave a slightly bad taste in my mouth. And lately, as I've found myself slightly burned out on the ladder, I've turned to these weekly outings as a way to keep playing the game I love without all of the seriousness.

Don't get me wrong, I had a ton of fun running a Combo Shaman with Ancestral Spirit, Reincarnate, and Kel'Thuzad. Those plays were fantastic when opponents actually failed to destroy me in just a few turns. But when Blizzard announced that this week's Brawl was Too Many Portals, I knew I was ready to spam it for the remainder of the week. For one, everyone has relatively the same deck (aside from the seven random spells), so you don't need to worry about maximizing its power. Random chance takes over from there: if you get bad spells, it's not your fault, bad Unstable Portals? Again, nothing you can do. And somehow that comes as a comfort to me.

Plus you get to see some crazy stuff. Yesterday as you may have seen from our Twitter account, I ended up playing Ball of Spiders into two Feign Deaths. It was amazing in every way possible and is representative of exactly why I've come to enjoy Encounter at the Crossroads, Too Many Portals, and Spiders, Spiders Everywhere so much. There's just so many situations that would never happen without these specific Brawls. Combined with the fact that you'll almost certainly see cards that are almost never played, you just never know what's going to happen next.


While I've been asking for Constructed Brawls just like everyone else for quite some time, being able to just select a class and hop into a match has become a welcome sight. (And plus you can finish pesky bounties for classes you don't really play).