It's been a few weeks since we first announced the upcoming redesign of Hearthhead. In that time the team has made major strides and are now letting our closest friends and family test out the site, find bugs, and put a little more stress on our brand new server. We'll soon be opening the beta up to everyone else before finally converting it over to the one and only Hearthhead in a few weeks.

We're beyond excited for this all new experience. The staff has been hard at work for almost the entirety of 2016 with this goal in mind and it really means a lot to us. Gone are the days where Hearthhead has long periods of silence on our development progress and we're very hopeful you'll join us on this adventure.

But you're really here to get another look at what's to come! You'll be glad to hear we've made some changes thanks to feedback from our last post including making the site full-width, adding animations to help interaction feel grounded, and the removal of new page loads whenever possible.

In the meantime, we're launching our official Discord channel which you can join here. In it, you can come talk to other Hearthhead users about almost everything to do with Hearthstone and get easy access to support and the site staff.

Here are a few screenshots to hold you over while we continue to work towards something you can finally get your hands on!