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This week's deck spotlight primarily consists of a bunch of post-League of Explorers decklists. For those who haven't taken the plunge into the latest adventure however, we have Cheap LOE Grim Patron Warrior V 4.1! It's interesting to see how the pros have (or have not) integrated new cards like Tomb Pillager, Entomb, and Elise Starseeker.

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Never change Unstable Portal, never change.

Back to TopA Closer Look At Every Hearthstone Card Back

As you may remember from last week, JJPlay gave us a look at an exaggerated side view of a few of Hearthstone's more popular card backs. Given the positive response from the community, he's decided to go over all of the current cards in the game. It's a little long, so feel free to skip around! We're particularly fond of Molten Core, which looks even more appropriate when elevated, Staff of Origination, that continues to look sharp, and Legacy of the Void in all of its spacey goodness.

Back to TopKripp: How I’d Improve HS

We leave you this week with a discussion led by TSM's Kripparrian. In it, he brings up some of the additions or changes he'd like to see Blizzard bring to Hearthstone. This includes deck slots, improvements to Tavern Brawls, and a new philosophy on "bad cards" such as Magma Rager and Ice Rager and more.