Another Un'Goro stream, another batch of new cards.

Blizzard has really stepped up its communication efforts for Journey to Un'Goro. We've gotten a kick-off live stream with Peter Whalen and Day9, multiple Hearthside Chats, and now the developer has hosted yet another at the HCT Winter Championship in the Bahamas. Seven new cards and two new tokens were revealed including the Hunter Quest legendary, a very interesting Druid spell, a transforming Warrior weapon, and this set's ooze.

We apologize for not being able to cover the stream live, but we're on our way down to the Bahamas for this weekend's Hearthstone Championship Tour action.

To make it up to, we've written up some thoughts about each of the new cards.

Back to TopLiving Mana

This is a really interesting concept that probably won't see too much play as you ultimately put your mana crystals at risk. How do you regain this mana? Do the minions have Deathrattles? If they do, all it takes is a Mass Dispel and you suddenly find yourself back on Turn 1. Perhaps Blizzard has given them something to prevent this, after all, Un'Goro is seeing lots of new mechanics come with it.

Back to TopThe Marsh Queen

If there's one thing Hunter doesn't have a shortage of, it's 1-Cost minions.AlleycatFiery Bat and Timber Wolf might not seem like much, but then take into account all of the Neutral cards available at that mana cost and this shouldn't be too hard of a task. Note, however, that minions must be played, not summoned so Unleash the Hounds won't be helping you at all here. The recently revealed Tol'vir Warden also helps with this quest, drawing two 1-Cost minions from your deck.

The reward, Queen Carnassa is a powerful 5-Cost 8/8 Beast which shuffles 15 Carnassa's Brood into your deck. These are powerful one mana 3/2 Beasts that draw you a card when they're played.

With card draw having long been a problem for Hunter, we're really hopeful that this support is enough to get the class rolling again.

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Back to TopMana Bind

Effigy is on its way out and Mana Bind will be taking its place. This is certainly an upgrade for the class as a whole. Under most circumstances, a spell that your opponent is running offers more value to you than a random minion of the same cost that has died.

Back to TopLost in the Jungle

Those who haven't been playing Hearthstone for long probably think this card is easily terrible. You might think of Steward of Darkshire or Sword of Justice as cards that synergize well with it, but don't understand exactly where this card fits.

We aren't entirely sure either, however, Muster for Battle was a Paladin staple for a long time. Granted it gave you one more Recruit and a 1/3 weapon, it also cost two mana more.

Back to TopMirage Caller

It's a baby Herald Volazj! The effect isn't too powerful by itself, but combined with many of Priest's resurrect methods (ResurrectOnyx Bishop) it could be a big way to solidify the class' early game.

Back to TopMolten Blade

While many will likely decry the RNG behind the latest Warrior weapon, we find it exciting though it will likely bring frustration to many. As it stands here are the possibilities going into the Year of the Mammoth:

Back to TopGluttonous Ooze

It seems like we're getting a steady trickle of new weapon techs. Acidic Swamp Ooze has always been the staple removal outside of Harrison Jones, but Mean Streets of Gadgetzan brought Toxic Sewer Ooze with it. Unfortunately, the latter wasn't really solid enough to justify inclusion in any decks.

Control Warrior is hurting right now and Gluttonous Ooze seems like a perfect fit with the number of early game weapons. Not only does this offer a body, but it also removes some of immediate damage.