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This week's deck spotlight is from Zdoxische who has been hard at work uploading a ton of competitive decks from pros around the world. Here are a few that we recommend checking out:

Back to TopLightforge Card Back

Since the beginning of Hearthstone, Arena players have been clamoring for a special Lightforge card back to be the equivalent of making Legend in Constructed. They're two completely different creatures, and some prefer the added skill of drafting the best possible deck. However, one gives you something tangible for doing so, the other, though incredibly difficult, doesn't give you anything to prove your merit. Reddit user, nofearfeyishere created their own take on what it could possibly look like.

Back to Top TSM KRIPP Reno Paladin Legendary

The idea of an entire deck made out of Legendary cards isn't a new one. Kripparrian has been one of the largest advocates for doing so, going a long way towards making sure his deck is optimized with each new card release. He's recently taken another crack at it now that the League of Explorers has come to a conclusion. Who makes the cut? All of your helpers actually: Sir Finley Mrrgglton, Brann Bronzebeard, Elise Starseeker, and Reno Jackson. Sorry, Arch-Thief Rafaam.

Back to TopLoE in Slow Motion

One of the best things about those new Legendary cards are the play animations that come along with them! Blizzard seems to have learned from the TGT release with cards like Icehowl which didn't have a special play animation as they made sure all five of LoE's were properly outfitted. Thankfully, Disguised Toast took the time to play each of them in slow motion for us.

Back to Top3D Hearthstone Card Backs

We're all aware that there is some amount of 3D space to each card back. Many are like Exodar where there's clearly a background and a foreground, but others like Heroes of the Storm really showcase this element. The Hearthstone Twitter account tweeted out this video from JJPlay who exaggerates some of the height differences for us.

Back to TopHoej's Thoughts on Consistency and RNG

Hoej, a member of Natus Vincere's professional Hearthstone team, has taken some time to write up his thoughts on consistency and RNG in the game. In it, he points out some of his issues with how competitive play is perceived and presented to the audience. It's a great read that has a ton of valid points that help present Hearthstone in exactly the way it should.
"It is often assumed that Heartstone is a very RNG heavy game with a limited skill cap. “CasinoStone” or “Professional Coin Flippers” are phrases that often are used in conjunction with Hearthstone. Phrases such as ‘“I was unlucky” or “I lost to a top deck” are being used even more frequently. Most people would probably agree that there are a lot of random aspects in Hearthstone, since it’s a turn-based game with many RNG effects, but the focus in this article will actually be the opposite. I will argue that Hearthstone is way more consistent than it’s being granted for and the better player will win way more games against the less experienced in the long run.

To start this discussion I would like to expand our context to other eSports, which is highly recognized as skill based (these stats are without draws): Evil Genius’ DotA 2 team who won the international this summer has a win rate of 63% (365W/175L). Team Solomid CS:GO’s team has a win rate of 70% (158W/63L). Team Fnatic’s LoL team has a win rate of 68% (179W/86L). These teams are some of the best in their eSport – so a win rate around 67% is seen as high skilled and consistent in their games. Thijs “ThijsNL” Molendijk who plays Hearthstone for G2 has a win rate of 64% (234W/133L) in competitive games – which is very impressive compared to the sample size. So what does all these stats from the different eSports tell us about Thijs when we try to compare them? Is Thijs simply outstanding when it comes to his top decks? Did Thijs face a lot of weak opponents? Or could it actually be that all the hours of training has made Thijs a better Hearthstone player compared to the average player?"
You can catch the full article on Reddit where he breaks down this discussion and what should change as a result.