Replays, better rewards system and custom games are only some of the things on our 2018 Hearthstone wishlist.

2017 was a very important year for Hearthstone. While many doomsayers have foretold the game’s demise (something that always happens to the very popular titles), it’s actually quite the opposite. The game is doing fine, probably better than it ever was.

But what exactly happened during the last year? In a random order:

  • We had three, rather successful expansions.
  • We had three balance patches – first one before Year of the Mammooth (in February), with nerfs to Small-Time Buccaneer  and Spirit Claws. Second one during Journey to Un’Goro, which nerfed The Caverns Below. And the third one during Knights of the Frozen Throne, with changes to Spreading Plague and a bunch of Classic cards.
  • 10 cards rotated to Hall of Fame – 6 from the Classic set and 4 from the Reward set.
  • Three new, alternative Heroes were added – Maiev Shadowsong, Arthas Menethil and Nemsy Necrofizzle.
  • We can now import/export deck codes, which made sharing decks easier than ever.
  • It’s now possible to finish quests during friendly games.
  • Arena's format changed from Wild to Standard.
  • Later, we had a huge Arena re-balance, which i.a. increased the rate of Epic and Legendaries, as well as made Spells and Weapons much more common.
  • Even later, a very controversial Arena “synergy picks” were introduced, and then removed after just a few months.
  • “No duplicate Legendaries” rule was introduced to card pack openings. You can no longer open a Legendary you already have, unless you own all of them. On top of that, every player will get a guaranteed Legendary in the first 10 packs from each expansion.
  • There were two events – first the Fire/Frost Festivals in July/August, and later the Hallow’s End around Halloween.
  • New PvE mode – Dungeon’s Run – was introduced and received very warmly by the playerbase.
  • Ben Brode created two rap songs – one for the Un’Goro and one for the Frozen Throne.
  • Kripp pressed the button and crashed the game.
  • On top of that, we have new keywords, new minion tribe, new mechanics, new daily quests and more.

Yes, it was a pretty good year for the game. And yet, it was far from perfect. Community is more vocal than ever, and players are quick to point out issues they have with Hearthstone. And there was a lot to point out. We had hundreds of posts, articles and videos about many different issues, including poor F2P experience, bad pricing model, Fireside Gatherings that were fake, closed or just bad, created by people just to get the Nemsy skin etc.

Let’s be honest, Hearthstone is far from perfect. Even though the game changes, and we often hear promises that it will change even more (“we’re working on it, but we can’t share any details yet” is a very common phrase during the interviews, Q&A sessions etc.), there are just so many things that could be improved, and instead of hearing promises players would instead love to see some action.

So, here are 18 things I’d like to see being worked on during 2018 (and beyond). Of course, this is just a wish list – it would be silly to really expect all of that to happen this year. However, I believe that some of those things are necessary for the game to keep functioning in the long run.

P.S. Order is completely random, so pay no attention to it.

Back to TopMore Frequent Balance Patches

Okay, first things first – our current situation is not THAT bad. We had three balance patches last year. The pattern is clear – Blizzard makes a new expansion, some stuff turns out to be too powerful, annoying to play against etc. and some time into the expansion they release a balance patch, nerfing it.

However, if we look at the number of cards nerfed, the only really significant nerf patch was the one during Knights of the Frozen Throne. The first one nerfed only two, and the second one only a single card. It would mean that outside of those cards, the game is balanced perfectly,  right? Well, not exactly.

The second thing is frequency of the patches. And don’t get me wrong, I’m against rushing them out. It’s better to take some time to analyze whether the cards actually deserve a nerf instead of jumping the gun and changing them after a week or two. But when we’re a month into the expansion, there are some clearly problematic cards and nothing happens – well, that’s not great. Not to mention that a single patch per expansion might not be enough.

Let’s take one of the worst offenders – Patches the Pirate. I’m baffled how the card was not changed, even though it was printed over a year ago. It’s clearly the most overpowered Legendary we ever had, it forced any Aggro/Tempo deck to run the Pirate package making the meta very boring, and nothing was done about it.

Or let’s say right now – it’s really clear that Corridor Creeper is a problematic card. It’s in nearly 50% of the decks right now (stats from Rank 10-Legend). No one would be against nerfing it.

Making some small adjustments to the most powerful cards every few weeks would make the game so much more interesting.  Oh, and when we’re talking about ‘balance’ patches, buffing some weak cards might also make the meta much more interesting.

P.S. To give Blizzard some credit, general balance in 2017 was quite solid. We had some problems, some broken decks (especially the Druid during the first month of KFT), but it wasn't too bad.

Back to TopBetter Communication

When it comes to the communication, another clear pattern emerges. Devs are very talkative and engaged with the community around expansion releases – like a month before the release and up to 2 weeks after it. And then… nothing. One comment or tweet every now and then, and that’s it.

I get it, it’s part of their job to sweet-talk people into buying the new expansion. Time around the expansion’s release is most important when it comes to the sales. But once you understand the pattern, it looks really bad. We could use more communication. I'd love to hear about the future plans. What is getting developed right now? What changes will come next year? What should we expect? Maybe some of the points on this list would be irrelevant if we knew that they're coming soon™!

Back to TopMore Love For The Wild Format

While I’m not the Wild expert, as someone who plays mostly Standard, I find the less popular mode really fun. But the fact that it’s not promoted, players aren’t encouraged to play it etc. is pretty sad. Everything is about Standard. Wild is ignored.

Here’s the thing – the biggest problem is that pro players have no incentive to play Wild. If they only play & stream Standard, it means that players who watch them will also most likely play Standard. Tournament organizers will also make Standard tournaments, because that’s what pros play. 

I don’t know how the Wild bots are doing right now, but when I got to rank 5 a few months ago, it was horrible. I mostly play during the night, and it felt like every second game was against a bot then. Sure, easier wins, but for some reason it’s just not fun when I know that I’m not playing against a real person. The fact that this problem was ignored for so long is crazy.

Another thing that’s bad is that devs treat Wild as the “Standard trash can”. While the “this problematic card is not that bad, because it will rotate out to Wild anyway” approach is fine for Standard players, it basically means that the card will stay in Wild forever. And I know that a few years from now the power level of Wild will be so high that a “problematic” Standard card might not really mess up with anything in the other format, but that’s not the case yet.

And there’s probably a lot more. Like I’ve mentioned, I’m not really a Wild player. I mostly play Standard, and hit Wild only when I get really bored of the Standard meta (usually like 3 months into the expansion). Someone who plays Wild more would most likely point more issues.

I kind of understand that decision from the financial point of view. Blizzard does NOT want people to play Wild because, believe it or not, it’s a way, way cheaper format in the long run. To really keep up with Standard, you need to buy at least 100+ packs every expansion. To keep up with Wild, you already need much less, and the number will only decrease. A few years from now we’ll get a new expansion and only 5 or so cards in total will see common play in the Wild. See how easy it would be to keep up? You wouldn’t have to buy almost any packs, the ones you get for gold would be more than enough. So if everyone would play Wild, the sales would go down tremendously.

Back to TopOfficial Replays Feature

That’s one thing I’m really missing in Hearthstone, and it’s seemingly easy to implement. After all, this game is all about highlights. That’s what the devs say – cards that make unique, fun, interesting moments are great.

And what we have to capture them? Screenshots. Really? Not only you might miss it, but sometimes you’d need to take 10+ screenshots to capture a single cool play.

Streaming or recording videos is another option, but a few problems emerge. First, impossible to do on low-end rigs – it’s not exactly a game that has to be played on an amazing PC. And second, probably most importantly, mobile devices (where you can't really record a game video so easily), which are a huge part of the game’s playerbase. 

In-game replay function would not record an actual video, but only the set of actions – cards in the hand, cards each player plays etc. and then it would use the game engine to play them. That would make them light, easy to share etc. We could have a whole new menu with Replays, where you could upload them online, browse the most popular ones, filter them by class, rank etc.

Back to TopRevamp Of The Rewards System

Current reward system is… bad. It doesn’t feel rewarding at all. The game is now more expensive than ever, and yet we still have basically THE SAME reward system we had in the Beta, when you could only buy the Classic packs.

It was still passable when we had Adventures, but now with 3 expansions per year it’s simply unacceptable. Daily quests are bad, they don’t give enough gold, a lot of them are unfun and “force” you to play things you might not want to (sure, you can reroll, but if you get a 60g Quest from two classes you don’t like playing, it’s really hard to justify rerolling when you're probably losing some gold).

And the 10 gold per 3 wins is just a joke. It takes 30 wins to grind for a single card pack. Given the average 50% win rate (which is even lower for the new players, so the players who need a lot of packs most), that’s 60 games played for a single pack. Even if you generously assume that the average game lasts 5 minutes, that’s still FIVE HOURS of grinding to hit the daily cap and, well, get a single card pack.

It sucks. It was working back in the day, but it just doesn’t work right now. Even a small change like increasing the gold rewards from quests by 10-20g (and while we’re at that, if you force people to play certain classes, at least don’t force them to WIN games with those classes), and turning the 10g per 3 wins into 10g per 3 games (the cap can stay at 100 if they worry about botters abusing it).

But what I would really love to see is a complete revamp to the system. I know that a F2P card game will always feel like a grind, but at least we can make it more enjoyable.

Back to TopMore Events

Events are fun. Both the Fire/Frost Festival and Hallow’s End ones we had last year were great.  Players received some free stuff (but let’s be honest, not too much), logging into the game felt better, and the dual class Arena during Hallow’s End event was amazing.

Yes, dual class Arena is not something you’d want to have constantly (because it was completely imbalanced), but it worked really well for a short period of time. And that’s the point. People were having a lot of fun, even players who normally don’t touch Arena.

Events are also a great way to incentivize playing less popular formats, like Arena and – exactly – Wild. A Wild-only event would be a fun change in pace and a great way to promote it.

Back to TopMore Cosmetics (Other Than Card Backs)

That’s something I really don’t get. There is just SO MUCH potential in Hearthstone cosmetics and it’s not explored at all. Giving out another card back every month is cool, but it gets boring. New season? Card back. Pre-order? Card back. Rewards for some events? Card back. I already have dozens of them and I was using 4 of them in total during the last 4+ years I’m playing the game.

Alternative heroes are much better, but also, uh, a lot of things around them are weird. Just a few examples. Even though they were first introduced in 2015, we STILL don’t have one for Druid and Warlock got one very recently. After the initial 3 Heroes, they haven’t added any more to the shop. Why?

The way they distribute some of them is also questionable. For example, Tyrande. People who could not get Amazon Prime because of their location (so basically, millions of players) had to resort to “cheating” or accept that they won’t get it.

And Nemsy? Probably the most controversial alternative hero release to the date, we’ve heard hundreds of stories about people creating obviously fake Fireside Gatherings, not getting into the Gatherings, because they were closed etc. Not to mention that the skin was basically unattainable for anyone living in a more remote location (or at least in a city where HS is not popular), because the closest eligible Gatherings were hundreds of kilometers away.

So yeah, the whole “alternative Heroes” deal COULD be handled better. But that’s not all. There is so much more to explore.

For example, alternative boards. You could buy cosmetics that would add some “bling” to your side of the board, or let’s say change the normal, brown dirt into something more interesting. Let’s say – beach sand (with shells, sea stars etc.) or cracked, fiery earth.

Maybe alternative emotes? You could buy a pack of extra emotes if you would want to step your BM game up.

And finally, alternative card art for the most iconic cards. I’m not saying that they should offer alternative art for every single card, because that would be too much, but the cards like Sylvanas Windrunner, Ragnaros the Firelord or Deathwing could have the alternative artworks. 

Back to Top“No Duplicates” Rule For Epics

Oh, and by “no duplicates” I mean that it should obviously stop at two copies, not one like for the Legendaries.

Very simple, the “no duplicates” rule for Legendary was really amazing. While, on average, it didn’t matter THAT much, the situations in which you’ve opened 2 or 3 copies of the same Legendary from a given expansion were really frustrating and I’m glad that it can no longer happen (unless you dust bad Legndaries right away, which you probably shouldn't do until you've stopped opening packs from that expansion).

But right now, it’s still a problem for the Epics. Getting a full Epic collection is harder than getting all the Legendaries, and that’s crazy. Just from my recent pack openings experience, after opening 150+ packs from K&C I’ve unpacked 5x Psychic Scream and 4x Voidlord. While it’s true that both of those cards are good, getting anything past the second copy still feels bad. At the same time, I had to craft 2x Corridor Creeper and 2x Call to Arms, because I haven’t opened even a single copy of those Epics.

I honestly think that EVERY rarity should have the “no duplicate” rule, but realistically, Epics is THE most problematic rarity, so changing that would be good enough.

Back to TopBetter Dust Rates When Disenchanting

Well, yeah, the dust rates are terrible. Like I’ve mentioned when talking about the reward system, it worked when we had one or maybe two expansions in Standard. But with so many of them, it’s incredibly hard to keep up and the fact that you need to get rid of FOUR Legendaries to craft a single one doesn’t make it any easier.

But I still think that Commons are the worst offender. They give you only 5 Dust per card. Yeah. You need to get rid of 8 Commons to craft another Common. 20 to craft Rare, 80 to craft Epic and – yeah – 320 to craft a Legendary.

Given that not only we get three expansions per year (so 50% more cards to craft), but each expansion has more Legendaries than they had in the past years (e.g. 22-23 in every 2017 expansion vs 20 in every expansion before)*, the current Dust rates are clearly outdated.

*Edit: Sorry, I made a mistake here. It's 20 in every 2014-2016 expansion, vs 23 in Un'GOro and Frozen Throne + 22 in Kobolds & Catacombs (since Marin was free).

Back to TopWelcome Bundle For Each Expansion

Welcome Bundle is – by far – the best value you can get for your money. Dropping $5 to get 10 packs + a random Legendary actually feels like a really fair price. Since it’s only 10 packs, and you’re limited to only one, it also means that you couldn’t use it to get a full expansion at super low price, but rather something that the currently F2P players might drop some money on to improve their progress.

It would be great to have one at the start of each expansion. It’s not much, but would make it at least a bit easier to keep up.

Back to TopMore Statistics

I’m a huge statistics nerd. I just love to know them, pretty much for the sake of knowing them.

The personalized statistics they’ve been sending to players for the last few months are cool, but it’s really not enough. You get only a few figures, with no option to choose which ones.

What I’d like to see is individual player’s profile with all kinds of statistics. Number of games played (in total and with each class), win rate with each class, gold earned, Arena-related stats (average wins, favorite class, number of times you’ve got to 12 etc.), even how many packs from each expansion you’ve opened.

On top of that, a few filter options. E.g. you should be able to see stats from this season, last season, this expansion, this/last year and of course all the stats since you’ve started playing (that would be also a great measure of how much you’ve improved.. or haven't improved).

Something like that would be really satisfying. While I’m trying to keep track of my stats in HS Deck Tracker, the problem is that I’m playing on three different devices – PC, laptop and phone, making it hard to keep track of everything at once.

Back to TopNew Game Mode(s)

So far, both Tavern Brawl and Dungeon Run were AMAZING, with both of those new modes having a huge playerbase and tons of players simply love them. But I’d like to see more in the future.

The most obvious candidate for the next mode is tournament mode, but I understand that it might be a bit difficult to implement a real tournament experience into Hearthstone. It would have to look more like the Heroic Tavern Brawl, where your opponents are random (but with the same score), as opposed to an actual bracket – it would be hard to force 8, 16 or even more players to sit through the whole tournament at once. But there are definitely some ways to make the concept work.

But even more than a competitive mode, I’d actually like to see more fun ones, that a vast majority of playerbase would enjoy. For example something like a Two-Headed Giant in MTG – a 2v2 battle with a shared health pool. Each player would have their own cards, minions etc. but they could react with their partner’s minions like with their own – for example buff them, benefit from their ongoing effects etc. That would be something I’d really love to see in the future.

And of course, I'd love to see another PvE mode. Dungeon Run has proven that there is a huge demand for PvE content. You don’t always feel like facing real players and tryharding, PvE mode lets you do silly stuff and get away with it. One thing I’d love to see back from adventures, however, is the “Heroic” mode. Let’s say the current DR – while I enjoyed it a lot, the difficulty felt a little off. It was harder than the “Normal” mode adventures, but at the same time it was easier than the Heroics. In the end, after finishing it with all 9 classes, I felt that the challenge wasn’t big enough. So the “Normal” difficulty for casual audience and “Heroic” for the more hardcore one is a good idea.

Back to TopMore Love For The Arena

While it looks like Blizzard is trying to cater to Arena players more than they do to Wild players, the mode still feels neglected.

First of all – devs need to be more transparent about what they’re doing. The “small tweaks” they were supposed to be doing aren’t that small and aren’t perfect (e.g. Warrior still sucks and they don’t seem to try to tweak it). But it’s not even about whether they work or not – we just don’t know what’s going on. It’s up to community to gather all the data and see what they’re changing, and that’s not something that should happen.

Second thing is the reward system, which is still pretty poor. Not only the rewards are very RNG (getting a Rare instead of let’s say a 150g reward package at 11 wins can happen, and it’s a very crappy design), but we’re STILL waiting for the “pack token” that we can claim to get pack of our choice. That’s not really asking for much.

Then, improvements to the draft itself would also be welcome. Luckily, synergy picks are gone (they were terrible), but drafts still don’t feel good. Going for a certain synergy is like a lottery – you get two Dragon synergy cards offered early and then zero Dragons throughout the rest of your draft. Which means that you generally have to stay away from synergies, making the Arena drafts more boring. There are some ways to fix that. The easiest one would be to allow players to pick let’s say up to 5 extra cards and then throw away 5 of them at the end of the draft. It would make the risky synergy picks less risky (because you would be able to get rid of them if you wouldn’t get enough synergies), and prevent the situations where you get offered 3 completely useless cards, but you still have to put one into your deck.

I’d also like to see Dungeon Run-like drafts in Arena during some sort of event, just to test it out. The ones in which you pick a pack of synergistic cards instead of one completely random card. However, the problem is that it might dumb the drafting down, because players would be down to 10 choices instead of 30.

Other than that, I’d love to see a Wild Arena back. Again, not as a replacement to the Standard one (which is more competitive), but as something you could draft during some Event, or maybe as a separate mode – like you have Wild & Standard Constructed working at once.

Back to TopImproved Ladder

Hearthstone Ladder experience isn’t perfect. My biggest issue is that it feels like a huge grind. While yes, I agree that you shouldn’t get Legend after 5 games, as someone who has hit Legend nearly every season since the current ranked system was introduced (the only times I didn’t hit was when I took break from the game or just didn’t feel like grinding AGAIN late into the expansion) I really should NOT have to prove time and time again that I can hit it from Rank 16. Same goes for every other player that consistently hits a higher rank.

After you get to Rank 5 for 10 seasons in a row, the game should finally realize that you are capable of doing that and not reset you back to Rank 18 or whatever. It adds tons of unnecessary grind. It doesn’t help that a significant variety of players gets lumped together. For example, someone who has finished season around Rank 10 is like, what, three ranks away from a #1 Legend player? Just an early lucky win streak and he’s there. During the first few days of season, Rank 15 is super competitive and someone who’s normally grinding up to 10 will probably hit a wall, because he will face all the Legend players. It’s not really fun for either side.

Other thing I don’t really like about the current ranks & stars ladder is that the game length doesn’t matter, only thing that matters is whether you win or lose. It just makes fast, Aggro decks the best option to grind the ladder, simply because your games are much faster. It’s not particularly fun, and players shouldn’t be punished for playing slower decks. Right now you can’t do anything about it, but if you let’s say would have to get 100 points in order to get a next rank, there would be a lot more room for optimization. For example, the base for win could be 20, but there might also be a “long game” bonus – you’d get a few points for the longer games, so the “points per hour” when playing Aggro and Control would be closer to each other.

Not to mention that new players have almost no room to progress. They start at Rank 25, and hitting Rank 20 with only 1 or 2 stars per rank (and the fact that you can’t lose stars) is very easy. Even if you randomly win every fifth game because you get super lucky or your opponent concedes for no reason, you still progress. And when you hit Rank 20, you can no longer progress, because people there are no longer beginners. There are experienced players farming newbies for quick wins (or bots doing the same thing), there are bad people, but with full meta decks that you just can’t beat with your Basic cards, and then there are people simply messing around or just starting the season. You hit a huge wall, and you can’t go back, because there is a floor at 20. New / inexperienced players should have a much bigger “comfort zone” than they have right now.

Back to TopAchievements

This is one thing that a lot of people will disagree with, but I’m a big fan of achievements. If they’re done correctly, they can make the game much more fun. While I understand the hate for achievements in team games (you can hunt for them instead of focusing on the game, hurting your whole team), they wouldn’t be problematic in Hearthstone, which is a 1v1 game. If you want to mess around to get some weird achievement, well, you aren’t wasting anyone else’s time.

Some achievements could also come with small rewards. Mostly cosmetic things for finishing the harder ones, or maybe small gold/dust rewards for the easier ones, which would be another way to improve the new player’s experience (because right now, new players get a lot of extra resources early for doing mundane stuff, but then it suddenly stops – achievements would be a way to continue it for a while longer).

As for the achievements themselves, I could see two kinds. First ones – general, “easy”, but taking a long time to grind. Stuff like “Restore 1000 Health” (and then 10k, and then 100k), Kill 100 Minions (1k, 10k etc.) It would be another way to feel a long-time progress. And the second group would be those weird, fun, interesting etc. achievements where you need to do something specific. Like “deal 100 damage to the opponent in a single match” (which could be accomplished only if he heals extensively, or gains a lot of Armor). OTK – deal 30 damage in a single turn from the empty board. And also class-specific achievements – like “Get 8 ticks of Defile” for Warlock or “Freeze every enemy minion for 4 turns in a row” for Mage. Stuff that would be hard, but not impossible to do.

Back to TopBetter Decks/Collection Management

This is mostly a QoL thing, but the deck and collection management really annoys me. This is a card game after all, your collection is one of the most important things. Especially if you’re a deck builder and you like to experiment a lot, it’s far from perfect.

First of all, deck slots. Yeah, 18 is better than 9, but it’s still not enough. I’d really love to see like 30 slots, or AT LEAST Standard and Wild not sharing the same slots, as the problem is most apparent to people playing both formats (I usually have 12-15 Standard decks active each expansion, which leaves me with only a few slots for when I try to experiment with something or play Wild).

Second thing, why can’t we re-arrange the decks? If I’m not wrong, the only way to do that is to actually remove a deck and create it again – it will put it on the bottom. So if you want to rearrange your decks, you need to copy each deck code and paste them all again in the order you want to. It would be much easier if you could simply drag a deck and place it anywhere you want…

As for the collection manager, I’d love to see more filters. Yes, I know that you can make a lot of filtering with commands in a search bar, but that’s far from optimal. You either need to remember a lot of extra stuff, or write it down somewhere and copy + paste it every time you want to search for something specific. For example, if I want to see all the Beasts in my collection (or any other tribe), I’d like to have a filter for that. Right now when I type “beast” into the search, it shows all the cards containing the word “beast”, including the card’s name and text. E.g. I get a Houndmaster as a result, even though he’s not a Beast.

The fact that “New” tag is also very buggy (I don’t really remember it working properly in a long while), that you can’t jump to “X” page but have to turn them one by one, and that creating decks on mobile is an even worse experience (at least for me) makes the whole collection manager feel even worse.

Back to TopOfficial In-Game Chat (Global)

No, I’m not talking about chatting with your opponent during the match. That would be one of the worst experiences ever. I’m talking about a global, in-game chat with a few channels. One for general discussion, one for looking for people to play with (including the 80g quest trading), one for discussing decks and strategies, one for Tavern Brawl etc. Yes, you can use Discord, and that’s what I do, but a lot of people don’t want to install extra software to do something like that, and having such feature in game would make it much easier to access for everyone.

Another thing is that Hearthstone is advertised as a social game, and there are basically no social interactions inside the game. Most of the invites you’re getting are people flaming you, and unless you actually have friends playing the game, it might be hard to find people to talk with when you play.

Enable that chat when you’re during a match too, so you could use it to pass time when your opponent is roping, ask for some advice (like “should I keep X in mulligan when I play X deck?”) or just share a funny moment.

Back to TopCustom Games

That’s one of the options I’m waiting for most. Allow people to create custom games, with their own set of rules. It would be SO FUN, especially given that there would be a lot of things to customize when it comes to Hearthstone.

Starting health, mana, number of cards, turn timer, maximum number of cards, maximum number of minions on the board are just a few of the basic things you could adjust. I’d also like to see deck building restrictions – like “you can only put minions into your deck”, or maybe “you can’t play anything that costs less than 5 mana”. Oh, and extra rules like “sudden death on fatigue” (player dies instantly after it hits the first fatigue damage), “player who dies first wins” (suicide wars) + a lot of the Brawl stuff could also be picked (e.g. the option from current Brawl – each minion played casts a random spell).

Between all of those options, there would be so much room to customize that you could play 100 custom matches and each one of them would feel completely different.

Organizing tournaments with fun/crazy rules would be much easier, and the overall experience would be much better.

Back to TopClosing

That’s all folks. Those are the 18 things I’d like to see in 2018, or well, at least in the upcoming years. Some of them are less important, some of them are more important + there are most likely other 18 things I could come up with.

Remember that those are just general ideas and things I’d like to see getting better. I’m not a game developer, so I can’t possibly know if they would be hard or easy to implement, or how those ideas should be approached. That’s why I’ve mostly listed the problems, not solutions. That would be much more complicated, and I would probably have to write a separate article for each one of those issues.

And what are things YOU would like to see this year in Hearthstone? Do you agree with my picks? Or maybe there is something important I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments and until next time.

A Hearthstone player and writer from Poland, Stonekeep has been in a love-hate relationship with Hearthstone since Closed Beta. He's achieved infinite Arena and multiple top 100 Legend climbs. You can follow him on Twitter @StonekeepHS.