In addition to the 11 cards from Gamescom, Brave Hunter, Gadgetzan Jouster, and Eadric the Pure have also been revealed! Thanks to Reddit user itoennn for the translation of Brave Hunter, which appears to be a reference to the Pixar movie Brave!

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Joust has been revealed as a new mechanic for The Grand Tournament where each player reveals one card from their remaining deck. In order for the Joust to be successful, the minion initiating the Joust must reveal a minion that is of a higher mana cost.

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Players who play Ranked Mode will be receiving a bonus at the end of each season, based on their maximum rank attained that month. The rewards are Golden Cards and dust with a player receiving larger quantities for attaining a higher rank. Blizzard provided two pictures comparing a rank 17 on the left versus a rank 5 on the right.

rank17.jpg rank5.jpg

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Community Manager Whirthun has been answering questions on twitter about the Joust Mechanic and Ranked Play Rewards.

Joust Mechanic:
Okay! Time for some jousting 101! In order to win a joust, your minion needs to have a higher mana cost. If it's a tie, you lost the joust.
If your opponent has no minions, you win be default. If you go to joust, and you have no minions, you lose the joust.
@CM_Whirthun Does reveal show the closest minion to the top of the deck or just a random minion in it?
@CM_Whirthun do Jouster work like Holy Wrath on Giants (original cost)? :)
.@SimonBaruch1 Yup! Giants are great at jousting :)
@CM_Whirthun is there a downside to losing a Joust? Other than not triggering the Joust effect?
.@TACpodcast The only downside to losing a joust is that you don't get the sweet bonuses.
@CM_Whirthun are the cards revealed for both players or only you?
@CM_Whirthun What if both cards picked up are not minions?
.@StandardUser1 Jousting reveals minions, not spells or weapons.

Ranked Play Rewards:
@CM_Whirthun @bdbrode Will you get end of season rewards based off your highest rank for the season or current rank at the end?
.@NoxiousDonny @bdbrode Highest rank over the course of the season.
@CM_Whirthun For Ranked Chest rewards, do all Legend players get the same type of reward? (ex: R2500 & R4 get 3 Gold Epics & similar dust)?
.@ThaBusDriv3r Rewards do not increase passed rank 5. Players who make Legend will receive rank 5 chests.
@CM_Whirthun With the new rewards it looks like you can get gold cards from all sets. Does this also include Adventure cards like Naxx/BRM?
@CM_Whirthun does the reward system gonna reward for august ranking, or it will be announced later?
.@Makisi1337 August rankings will be taken into account.
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It’s been quite the eventful day by the hearth! Earlier, executive producer Hamilton Chu and senior game designer Mike Donais took to the gamescom stage to dive in to more of the exciting features making their way to Hearthstone with the release of The Grand Tournament. Check out what was covered below!

No tournament (especially one as grand as The Grand Tournament) would be complete without the time-honored tradition of jousting! The Grand Tournament brings this exciting test of might to Hearthstone with the addition of a brand-new mechanic—Joust.
Minions Joust by emerging from their decks, creating a brief contest within a contest wherein players each reveal a minion from their deck. In order to win, the minion who initiated the Joust must reveal a minion with a higher mana cost. The rewards are varied based on the minion starting the Joust, but players will want to emerge victorious from the lists as often as possible!
Highest Rank Bonus
We love receiving feedback from the Hearthstone community. One thing that we’ve been hearing a fair bit of is that, when playing on the Ranked Play ladder, people often feel hesitant to continue playing after reaching a particularly good rank. It simply feels like too much of a step backwards if they lose a rank or two. Based on that feedback, we’re making a change that we think will help put players’ minds at ease so that they can continue enjoying Ranked Play and pursuing even greater heights.
Beginning this month, each player’s Quest Log will display the highest rank they have reached during the month and recognize their accomplishment. Additionally, we’ll be awarding players who progress past rank 20 with some minor rewards as a way of congratulating them for their achievements. Eligible players will receive a treasure chest at the end of each season containing the season’s Ranked Play card back, one or more golden cards, and some Arcane Dust. What’s in the chest is determined by your highest rank over the course of the season. For example, a player whose highest rank was 17 will receive a golden common card, 20 dust, and the season card back.
Below is an example of what a player who reaches rank 5 might receive.
New Card Reveals
We also unveiled a number of cards at gamescom, some of which can be found below!
Ancestral Knowledge, Argent Lance, Armored Warhorse:

Bolster, Burgle, Gormok the Impaler:

Injured Kvaldir, Master Jouster, Mukla's Champion:

The Skeleton Knight, Tuskarr Jouster:
Saddle up your steed, sharpen your lance, and prepare for The Grand Tournament, coming later this month!