Aren't the holidays a time to kick back, relax, and try to have some fun? It's about time you took a break from all of your serious Secret Paladins, Patron Warrior, and Mid-Range Druids. Let's have some fun.

Our amazing community loves to construct silly and lighthearted, but usable decks that are just waiting to be added to your deck slots!

Back to Top Winter Veil Druid

The special Gift Exchange Tavern Brawl is now behind us, but we aren't just yet ready to stop spreading the holiday cheer! As such, we've constructed a gift giving Druid deck that seeks to help your opponent win via card draws, extra mana crystals, and the quickening of your defeat! Or you could actually try to win with it, but good luck doing that.

Back to Top Troggzor Priest [ 70% winrate - VERY FUNNY]

This deck is really powerful with those who use a lot of spells, try it and let me know I accept suggestions for improving its great potential.

Considers that this deck contains some underused cards in the current meta, how your opponent will react when you play Mini-Mage?
We hope your opponent didn't plan on playing any spells. With all three troggs in the deck including Troggzor the Earthinator, they're going to be wishing they had less in their deck. And with the likes of Lorewalker Cho, they're going to be pressed even harder to deal with the troggs without having to fork over powerful spells.

Also it runs Mini-Mage, so what's not to love?

Back to Top Golden Monkey#2 (80% winrate)

Elise Starseeker and Golden Monkey are probably two of the most fun cards to come out of the League of Explorers. There's nothing quite comparable to that huge payoff, replacing your entire deck and hand with legendary minions. The best part is that every card in the deck has been built around survival, meaning you're hoping to get the activate off each and every game to secure the win.

Back to Top Wild - Control Dragon Hunter with Brann!

I made this deck specifically against secret paladin with a twist ... dragons! So far it has been very strong. 13 wins and 2 Loses. Please leave a comment if you like this deck or also if you have any suggestions! I've lost count of my wins but I'm still doing great! If you like this deck feel free to give it a thumbs up! :D
Though we're surprised it doesn't run Sir Finley Mrrgglton. This Control Hunter decklist is interesting in that it's such a huge departure from the norm. People have tried the archetype before with Lock and Load, but with dragons? Count us in.

Back to Top [LoE] Bubbles

Why is this deck called Bubbles? We're not entirely sure. But it's one of the few we found that try to make Arch-Thief Rafaam work.

Back to Top 42Stardredgers

Dredge it good.
A mechanic from Magic: The Gathering, dredging refers to putting cards from the top of your deck into your graveyard, usually to activate another ability such as returning a card to your hand from said graveyard. Though it's not directly applicable to Hearthstone, you can see where Kunou got their inspiration from. On the surface it's your basic Mill Rogue with the backup of Elise Starseeker if the matchup isn't in your favor.

Back to Top Legendary Silence Combo Druid (by Blacktide)

The strategy for this deck is to make smart trades early game and then start dealing massive face damage once you get your Fel Reavers and Eerie Statues on the field to lower the opponent's health to a Savage Roar/Force of Nature lethal. Try to play your Wailing Soul cards before using your other silence cards since they can be used on both the opposition and on your own cards.
How often do you get to use Ancient Watcher or Eerie Statue? Outside of Handlock, chances are your answer is never. For a long time now, players have theorycrafted a Druid deck that focuses on silencing it's own minions with cards like Wailing Soul.

Back to Top Dog's Brann Mill Rogue

For a more serious take on Mill Rogue, try Dog's decklist!

Back to Top Randomage

Fun random deck
Random is fun, right? Just about every card in this deck uses randomness somehow. From your standard Spellslinger and Ethereal Conjurer all the way up to Recombobulator and Blingtron 3000.

Back to Top Me go fa... NO! His Name is CONTROL HUNTER! I think

Oh the things Sir Finley Mrrgglton makes possible. Simply by being able to discard Steady Shot, you're able to switch the Hunter class away from it's aggro nature and IliaTip has opted to build an old fashioned control deck.

Back to Top (LoE) Warrior Minecraft Mill

This deck involves using armour, weapons, and some tough minions to secure the board until you can start playing Iron Juggernaut with Brann Bronzebeard and then using pandas to return it to your hand. There's plenty of mill cards included both to get you what you need and to force the opponent to draw the mines which will finish him off.
With the dawn of Brann Bronzebeard, Mill Warriors everywhere rejoiced at the thought of killing an opponent with multiple mines from Iron Juggernaut. Nariac even throws in Youthful Brewmaster and Ancient Brewmaster for added measure. It may not work 100% of the time, but when it does, it will be glorious.

Back to Top Theme: Whats yours is Mine

For a summary of this deck, see the image on the right.

Oh you summoned that? Mine. You put that in your deck? Mine too. We'll just go ahead and copy one of those, borrow that one for a turn, the list goes on and on. Honestly, this Control Priest is only enjoyable in that you have to imagine your opponents reaction with each move you make.

Image via Imgur, it's understandably hard to actually find the original.