Whispers of the Old Gods
Yong Woo and Ben Brode have announced the latest Hearthstone expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods.

You find can find out more information on Oldgods.com. If you missed the Cinematic Trailer, it's now on YouTube.
whispers of the old god cinematic whispers of the old god cinematic whispers of the old god cinematicwhispers of the old god cinematic

In addition, the Hearthstone homepage has been updated to add some corrupted tentacles.

Theme Song

This is the song that plays in the store when you have Whispers of the Old Gods packs selected. Spooky!

Card Packs and Cardbacks

When Whisper of the Old Gods release, you received three free packs just for logging in during what's deemed the launch window. Following the launch of the expansion, special quests rewarded up to 15 Whispers of the Old Gods card packs. These quests simply required players to play ranked games in Standard mode.

It still remains true that your very first pack will give you C'Thun and two copies of his loyal servant Beckoner of Evil for free! By pre-purchasing a 50 pack bundle players unlocked the C'Thun animated card back.


In an interview with Hearthhead, Lead Designer Ben Brode confirms that C'Thun and his cultists will not appear in the Arena. With how rare legendary cards are, let alone C'Thun himself, players often felt let down when a cultist popped up.

Old Gods Art

old-gods-n'zoth-art old-gods-y'shaarj-artyogg-saron-old-gods-art

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do corrupted cards be replace their normal versions?

No, they are part of this set and will exist alongside their counterparts.

New Expansion Cards

There are a total of 134 cards that are part of the expansion.

Corrupted Cards

This special section highlights some of the new cards are ones that have been corrupted (or uncorrupted) by the Old Gods. For example, the Loot Hoarder when corrupted turns into Polluted Hoarder.

C'Thun and his Cultists

Others are completely unique to this expansion such as C'Thun and his cultists. There will be four old Gods in this expansion: C'Thun, N'Zoth, Yogg-Saron and Y'Shaarj.

Class Cards

You can find every class card in the set below.

New Neutrals

Uncollectible Cards

These are the Toxin cards that Xaril, Poisoned Mind can grant. The Ancient One is created as a result of Blood of the Ancient One activating.
firebloom-toxin flameleaf-toxin
briarthorn-toxin bloodthistle-toxin kingsblood-toxin
the-ancient-one possessed-villager-shadowbeast-token



Golden Cards