Tempo Mage is a deck that focuses on applying early pressure to gain a tempo advantage and carry that through to victory. This means it can easily claim victory by turn five or six, but it also has enough mid-to-late game presence to put out a lot of damage as well.

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  • Tempo Mage is usually in one of two modes: building its board or pushing damage.
  • Build an early board before starting to cast spells and push more damage.
  • Space out your threats, you always want just enough minions, but not too many. Otherwise, you risk overcommitting and losing too many of your resources at once.

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  • Most decks will simply try and keep you from having any sort of board presence and thus you’ll never have tempo in your favor – which is obviously a big deal since it’s in the name of the archetype.
  • Against more aggressive decks they’ll try to play the exact same game you are: keep board control and try to continually outvalue you.

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Depending on how old school you want to get, Wild Tempo Mage can look vastly different from what you're used to today. The older version used to run things like Unstable Portal and Flamecannon, but we've opted out of those as the decklist already contains a fair amount of RNG.

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In general, you never want to play Flamewaker unless you’re able to immediately play some spells as well. This specific version of Tempo Mage focuses more on having minions and protecting them spells but also has enough minions in the deck for them to be disposable. Other versions are much lighter on minions and require you to use spells to protect them.

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You want Mana WyrmCult SorcererSorcerer's ApprenticeFrostbolt in just about every matchup these days. You can also consider keeping Acolyte of Pain against slower classes, Forgotten Torch when you don’t have any other removal spells, and Mirror Image when you’re against aggressive decks or are able to combo it with The Coin and Flamewaker.

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Good Neutral Bad
Aggro Shaman Midrange Shaman Zoolock
Tempo Warrior Control Warrior Hybrid Hunter
Dragon Warrior C'Thun Warrior Midrange Hunter
Beast Druid Renolock Aggro Shaman
C'Thun Druid   Token Druid
Miracle Rogue    
Control Paladin    
Control Priest