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  • Theoretically, since there are way more copies of Zerus in your deck than spells, you want to hard mulligan for spells as they're likely what is going to provide you a guaranteed advantage.
  • Spells and hero powers are the only thing determined by your class selection, as a result, some classes are inherently more powerful than others.
  • While it is important to have a board presence, don't just play low impact minions because you can. Sometimes it's better to hold on and wait for Zerus to transform into something better.
    • That said, once you have board control do everything you can to maintain it.


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  1. Mage, Paladin - Strong spells. Has the fewest bad spells.
  2. Hunter, Priest - Has great spells, but also a lot of situational ones.
  3. Warlock, Druid - Most spells are good, hero power benefits Warlock here.
  4. Rogue, Shaman - A lot of situational or bad spells for this brawl.
  5. Warrior - Has a lot of cheap spells that have little impact.