An evolution of the old Handlock archetype (RIP), Renolock seeks to maximize gain from Reno Jackson’s effect. Life Tap is invaluable in gaining as many answers as possible with the deck filled with situational cards. There’s lots of hard removals, board clears, healing, and a big finisher.

Some variations instead run C'Thun and its cultists or N'Zoth, the Corruptor and powerful Deathrattles instead of the combo. These obviously contain many more cards from Whispers of the Old Gods than the older versions of the archetype do.

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  • Despite the amount of hard removal and board clears in this deck, they’re expensive, and as a result, Renolock generally struggles against hard aggro.
  • As a whole, the deck generally struggles against large amounts of burst damage. Recovering from incremental damage is easy with all of its tools.

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There are a lot of different ways to build this deck. Make sure to try each of them out and find out which one is best fit for your playstyle!

Combo, C’Thun, N’Zoth, Jaraxxus (Control)

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Generally, we’re looking for Warlock’s usual cheap Zoo minions: Imp Gang BossPossessed Villager, and Dark Peddler. Depending on the matchup we may also look for Doomsayer and Hellfire to slow down aggro or Mountain Giant to put pressure on slower decks.

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There’s obviously a TON of room for tech options here as we’re only running one of each card.

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Good Neutral Bad
Control Warrior Midrange Shaman Zoolock
Tempo Warrior Dragon Warrior Aggro Shaman
C'Thun Warrior   Midrange Hunter
C'Thun Druid   Beast Druid
Control Paladin   Token Druid
Control Priest   Tempo Mage


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  • Coming with the launch of Hearthhead.