Quests are your primary source of gold in Hearthstone. Every day a random one is chosen from a pool with higher chances of receiving one of the easier (and therefore less rewarding) quests. More difficult quests pay out higher gold amounts or even entire packs. Knowing how to maximize your profit by selectively choosing which ones to reroll is a very important part of growing your card collection.

There are a number of unique, unlisted quests that can only be completed once. These are detailed later in the guide. There's also an infinitely renewable quest that rewards you 10 gold for every three wins, up to a maximum of 100 gold per day. Neither of these take up space in your Quest Log and almost all can also be completed in Tavern Brawls, Ranked/Casual Play, or Arena.

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At any time you can store up to three daily quests, each of which is given once per day at midnight server time in your respective region. Frequently referred to as "the reset," this is when the server officially checks to see if it can add another to your list. You are only told which has been chosen once you log out and back in or if you complete a match. Progress on these can not be made until the Quest Log pops up with the notification. If you already have three quests at the time of the reset, you will not be granted a quest for that day.

The current reset time is midnight in each region: PST for the Americas, Korea time for Asia, and CEST for Europe.

Back to TopRerolling

Once per day, you can reroll a quest by clicking on the little red box in the upper-right corner of the square in your Quest Log. These do not stack, there is literally only one chance at rerolling per day.

Progress is lost on the rerolled quest even if you land a similar goal with different classes. There is no guarentee that the new quest will be of higher value than that of the one you got rid of.

For deciding whether you should reroll or not, scroll down to the Maximizing Gold section of the guide.

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You can never be assigned a duplicate quest, the system will always choose from the entire pool minus the ones that you already have. Your quests never stack, such that if you miss a bunch of days in a row but complete all three bounties the next day, you will still only be rewarded a single quest at the next reset.

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Quest Title Reward
Watch and Learn! 1
Total Dominance 100
Class #1] or [Class #2] Dominance (e.g. Druid or Hunter Dominance) 60
Everybody! Get in here! 60
[Class #1] Victory (e.g. Druid Victory) 50
3 Victories! 40
Beat Down 40
Destroy them All 40
Only the Mighty 40
Spell Master 40
The Meek Shall Inherit 40
[Class #1] or [Class #2] Victory (e.g. Druid or Hunter Victory) 40

Back to TopMaximizing Gold

For those of you looking to be as efficient as possible, patience is key. Good players always sit on three quests if possible and reroll those that have little potential. For example, if you have three quests for 40, 60, and 100 gold, you're obviously very happy with the latter two. A rash player might just rush to complete all three to get all that gold in their pockets, but experienced players know that sitting on the 40 until the next day to reroll is the best option. Had you completed it and then received a 60 gold quest not only is that reroll going to waste, but if you save it and reroll a 100 gold quest, that could be an entire 60 gold that you just lost because of impatience!

So here's the general rule of things:
  • Reroll any 40 gold quests.
  • Complete anything 50 gold or higher.
  • If possible, wait until you can complete your higher gold quests without finishing your 40 gold quests. That is, if you have Win 2 games with Druid or Hunter and Win 3 games as Hunter, you could wait to finish that 50 gold quest (the latter) until you get to reroll that 40 gold quest (the former) away from overlapping.

Back to TopUnique Quests/Achievements

These quests are unique and can only be earned one time per account, per server.
Quest Title Reward
Win 5 Practice Games 1
First Blood 1
Level Up 1
The Duelist 100
Arrrrrr!!! Captain's Parrot
Golden Arrrrrr!!! Captain's Parrot (Golden)
Mrglglglgl! Old Murk-Eye
Golden Mrglglglgl! Old Murk-Eye (Golden)
Crafting Time 95
Crushed Them All! 100
Got the Basics! 100
One of Everything! 100
Ready to Go! 100
Big Winner 300
Chicken Dinner 300
Enter The Arena 1
Platform Exclusive
Quest Title Reward
iPack 1
iPhone 1
Android Phone 1
Android Tablet 1
Samsung Galaxy 3 & Samsung Galaxy
Tied to Card Backs
Achievement Title Earned By Reward
Fireside Friends Playing three matches against someone on the same local network. Fireside
You are Legend Reaching Legend rank in a season. Legend
The Fall of Naxxramas Complete all of Naxxramas on Heroic. Heroic Naxxramas
Heroic Blackrock Mountain Complete all of Blackrock Mountain on Heroic. Nefarian