Midrange Shaman is back! There used to be a day when it was the only archetype in the entire class, but it soon became overshadowed by its more aggressive sister. Fortunately, a lot of the other deck types that were a huge issue have somewhat faded in the current meta. Only Zoolock and Freeze Mage are the really unfavored matchups with just about everything aside from Warrior a good 50/50 split.

General Strategy

  • Similarly, to Zoolock, this deck really likes to control board presence and the tempo of the game.
  • Around Turns 6-8 it really ramps up into its midgame threats like Thunder Bluff ValiantBloodlust, and Doomhammer to finish your opponent off.
  • More controlling spells like Hex and Lightning Storm help you catch up against more aggressive decks.

Counter Strategies

  • Decks that can match your trades more favorably and keep card advantage like Zoolock are particularly troublesome.
  • Others that can simply remove all of your midgame threats also tend to pose a problem.


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Healing totems can really help you in your battle for board control, particularly against classes that have pings. There’s absolutely nothing more frustrating for them than dedicating future mana to removal only to have it not pay off.

Getting value out of your minions is really important. This deck has no card draw outside of a single Mana Tide Totem and the off chance that Tuskarr Totemic summons one. So be sure to make favorable trades whenever possible!


The core of this deck’s early game is Tuskarr TotemicTunnel TroggTotem Golem, and Argent Squire. You want these cards every single matchup. Against Aggro Warrior and other decklists that run three health threats you may also want to consider keeping Lightning Bolt or Rockbiter Weapon.

Tech/Replacement Cards

  • Flame Juggler
  • X
  • Y
  • Z


Good Neutral Bad
Control Warrior Aggro Shaman Zoolock
C'Thun Warrior Token Druid Freeze Mage
  C'Thun Druid  
  Midrange Hunter  
  Tempo Mage  
  Dragon Warrior  


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