Hearthstone's Knights of the Frozen Throne takes the card game where it's never been before. The nine heroes we've come to know and love over the past few years have all died and risen as Death Knights. With this comes new abilities and mechanics.

The set will be released in August and is the second expansion of Hearthstone's Year of the Mammoth. This is the first ever expansion that will be launching with adventure-like single player content.


  • Knights of the Frozen Throne releases in August and contains 135 new cards.

  • There's a new Lifesteal keyword which heals you for all damage dealt.

  • All new hero cards. These cards take the place of the hero you have, have a Battlecry, and give you an all new Hero Power.

  • Available to pre-purchase now at $49.99 for 50 packs and a special Frozen Throne themed card back.

  • The single player content is free.

  • Completing the Prologue will reward you with a free random legendary hero card. You can earn three card packs by completing other missions.

  • Available to pre-purchase at $49.99 for 50 packs and a special Frozen Throne themed card back.


Hero Cards

Hero cards are an entirely new card type that are neither spell, minion, nor weapon. When played, each Death Knight Hero card replaces your hero, casts a Battlecry, dons some hefty armor, AND provides a new Hero Power. While each Death Knight hero is different, they all offer possibilities that can transform the way you play Hearthstone.

For example, Rexxar turns into Deathstalker Rexxar, dealing 2 damage to all enemy minions and turning your hero power into Build-a-Beast. This hero power allows you to Discover two Beasts and then combines all the stats of both creatures together; mana cost, attack, health, and card text. The beastly abomination is then added to your hand.

  • According to Mike Donais, the first pick is cards with text and the second is for minions with keywords (or vanilla).

  • Hunter and Neutral cards will appear at the same rate.

  • The Death Knight heroes do have new emotes.

  • You become the Death Knight version of the default hero even if you're using a hero skin or playing another class.

  • Each hero card will give you five armor, new art, new emotes, and a new hero power.

  • Hero Cards are available in the Arena.

For more information, head on over to our Hero Card guide.


Relatively straightforward, when a card with Lifesteal deals damage, your hero is healed for the same amount.

Lifesteal is a "smaller mechanic" like Poisonous from Journey to Un'Goro. Blizzard is reportedly being very careful about Neutral cards with this because of Warlock's hero power.

For more information, head on over to our Lifesteal guide.


We don't recommend messing with Jaina.



The announcement video includes the trailer but also contains commentary from Game Director Ben Brode and Game Designer Dave Kosak.

New Cards

All of the Knights of the Frozen Throne cards in one place as they are revealed.

A total of 135 cards out of the 135 (100%) have been revealed.




Tokens / Hero Powers


Tokens / Hero Powers


Tokens / Hero Powers


Tokens / Hero Powers



Tokens / Hero Powers


Tokens / Hero Powers


Tokens / Hero Powers




Tokens / Hero Powers



Tokens / Hero Powers



Tokens / Hero Powers








Single Player Content

"Fight your way through Icecrown, take on the Scourge’s most terrifying leaders, and ultimately face off against the Lich King himself in a series of solo missions that will pose a significant challenge to even the most experienced Hearthstone players. The task before you is great, but so are your rewards!"

Here are all of the bosses you'll be facing.


Pack Art, Card Backs, & Game Board

Knights of the Frozen Throne is available for pre-purchase until it releases. Doing so will earn you an Icecrown themed card back.

The game board has also been revealed, but it has not yet been enabled.





Need a new wallpaper? We've converted some Frozen Thrones artwork into wallpaper ready formats. Just right click and open in a new tab to save it.