Inspire is the main mechanic added in The Grand Tournament expansion. These special abilities are activated whenever a friendly minion is on the field with the Inspire keyword and you utilize your hero power, regardless of the champion. Some may attract other allies to your cause (summon a minion) or simply become emboldened and gain stats.

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The courageous deeds of champions have long served as a source of inner strength for others, and witnessing a hero’s gallantry in action can be enough to inspire even the lowliest of squires to great feats of strength.

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As we said before, activating Inspire is as simple as using your hero power. It's theoretically possible to do this multiple times a turn through cards that upgrade it like Justicar Trueheart, replace it like Lord Jaraxxus, or allow you to use it multiple times as is the case with Coldarra Drake. It's worth noting that your hero power only needs to be used, so healing a full health minion as a Priest will still activate the special text.

Each time you'll receive the stat buff or summon another minion. There are a few exceptions, however:

  • Dragonhawk Rider can only gain windfury once per turn obviously.
  • Coliseum Manager is sent back to your hand with each Inspire, therefore it gives you no advantage.
  • Argent Watchman can only attack once per turn, so activating its ability serves no purpose.

Back to TopWhat Classes Have Inspire?

As of The Grand Tournament release, most minions with Inspire are neutral. However, every class aside from Rogue has one card with the exception of Priest which has two including the only class Legendary Confessor Paletress.

  1. Neutral - 12
  2. Priest - 2
  3. Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior - 1

Back to TopWhat Are The Best Inspire Cards?

Inspire as a whole is lacking in Constructed play. To get the full benefit of the card, you frequently need to activate your hero power on the turn it is played. Therefore cards like Kvaldir Raider are truly seven mana 6/6s and not what is shown on the card. Unless you absolutely need to play on curve, you're oftentimes better off holding onto your Inspire cards until you can gain the full advantage.

Back to TopConstructed Play

Let's take a look at some of the better Inspire cards in Constructed!

  • Nexus-Champion Saraad: You may find this card popular in Tempo Mage decks which focus on casting many spells to win the game. It can be much stronger than Loatheb because it simply can't be ignored.
  • Savage Combatant: Midrange Druids have quickly come to love Savage Combatant. It's only slightly weaker than Shaman's Fire Elemental in that it has 1/1 less in stats and that the three damage comes at the expense of your health when you hit the minion. But all things considered, that's perfectly fine for Druid's as most of the time it's board presence that they lose to.
  • Thunder Bluff Valiant: One of the new deck archetypes to come out of The Grand Tournament was the Totem Shaman, and though its strength is lower than initially thought, Thunder Bluff Valiant is instantly a threat if you can get him out and activate his Inspire on the same turn. This is especially true if you already had totems on the field, to begin with.
  • Murloc Knight: The reason Murloc Knight is so good is that you can get any Murloc in the game. Included in that is Siltfin Spiritwalker which could draw you cards, Murloc Warleader that makes your Knight a 5/5, or Old Murk-Eye who could just give you a big enough swing to win the game. There's even the chance you could get another Murloc Knight. Can anyone say value?

Back to TopArena Play

Though more aggro has entered the arena in recent months, there's still an increased emphasis on board presence. As a result you can get away with some of the slower Inspire cards which is great considering there are a few that can outright win you the match.

  • Everything above! They're all still good or great even though this isn't Constructed.
  • Confessor Paletress: Play it on turn 9 and get a random Legendary minion. If your opponent doesn't have an immediate answer you get another shot. Minions are key in the arena and this one could net you some of the best in the game.
  • Kodorider: This six mana 3/5 really functions as an eight mana "Summon two 3/5s." Similarly to the other Arena cards, Kodo Rider is a potential win condition if it isn't dealt with swiftly. Each and every turn you're getting to use your hero power and summon a 3/5.
  • Boneguard Lieutenant: While this isn't broken or anything, it's a solid two mana 3/2 that can gain more health as you go on. Assuming your opponent has a slow opening, this is one way to keep board control.
  • Kvaldir Raider: The Raider might be even scarier than Confessor Paletress herself. This guy is a seven-mana 6/6 that keeps growing if you can't kill him off immediately. Just two turns on the field and you're looking at a 10/10.
  • Mukla's Champion: Many laughed at this card when it was first revealed but it's proven to be an above average Arena card. If you have any other minions on the board (or are a Shaman), he continuously buffs them up, meaning your opponent has to deal with it sooner rather than later.

Back to TopSpecial Cases

Keep in mind that your hero power resolves before Inspire activates, meaning if you have six minions on the field as a Paladin and activate Reinforce, the Silver Hand Recruit will spawn and your Murloc Knight won't activate. Because of this cards like Thunder Bluff Valiant and Mukla's Champion buff the totem that's summoned from Totemic Call when they're activated.

Back to TopAre These Found in Any Decks?

Of course! Though the whole Inspire deck idea didn't take off, the key few that we highlighted earlier are frequently used. Here are a few decks you can try for yourself:

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