One of the few combo decks to continually escape any major nerfs, Freeze Mage has really come to shine under the light of Emperor Thaurissan . With cards that intend to slow your opponent’s onslaught, draw a bunch of cards, and burn the enemy down, Freeze Mage is a deck that takes a lot of patience.

The deck has essentially remained unchanged throughout the Whispers of the Old Gods and now Karazhan meta, instead relying on many Basic and Classic cards for its main core.

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  • Delay using spells and Doomsayer.
  • Cycle cards.
  • Draw Alexstrasza.
  • Burn the opponent’s health down with spells.

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  • There are really only three ways Freeze Mage loses, and opponents will try to take advantage of these.
    • Burn down the Mage before they can put up enough walls.
    • In the case of Warriors, generate more armor than the Mage has damage.
    • Make the Mage spend too much of its spell damage on your minions.

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Standard and Wild Freeze Mage are largely the same with a few exceptions. Antique Healbot is really the only card that can be worthy of a spot in the decklist.

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Freeze Mage is 100% about stalling. You plan on using a very specific combination of spells to get your lethal damage, so you have to delay the game long enough to draw out the necessary tools. Ideally, you will either bait out removal such that you can use your Doomsayers to wipe the board in tandem with Frost Nova, as an example.

Don’t be afraid to ping your own Acolyte of Pain or Loot Hoarder, sometimes drawing a card is more important than having a small body on the board.

The timing of your Ice Blocks is crucial. Play it too early and it’s easy to play around, too late and you lose.

Focus on surviving with cards like Forgotten Torch (which you should be using before Frostbolt if possible) before slamming down Alexstrasza on Turn 9 when you can push face damage and hopefully win the game. 

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Cheap spells and minions like DoomsayerLoot HoarderNovice Engineer, or Acolyte of Pain along with Frostbolt, Forgotten Torch etc. You can also consider keeping Arcane Intellect against some of the slower classes to help accelerate your card draw.

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Outside of Pyroblast this deck is really too refined for any tech cards whatsoever to be acceptable.

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Good Neutral Bad
Zoolock Tempo Mage C'Thun Druid
Renolock Midrange Hunter Token Druid
Midrange Shaman Aggro Shaman Control Warrior
Miracle Rogue Dragon Warrior C'Thun Warrior
    Tempo Warrior


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