Journey to Un'Goro is the seventh Hearthstone set and fourth expansion for Blizzard's collectible card game. In this guide, we'll be running down all of the available information including the all new Elemental minion type, two new keywords (Adapt and Quest), purchasing options, and pre-order bonuses. In addition, you'll get a look at the all new artwork, trailer, animations, and much more. At the conclusion of this post, you'll find all of the Un'Goro cards that have been revealed thus far - though some would consider that to be spoilers.

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  • Journey to Un'Goro will include 135 new cards.

  • Release on April 6!

  • Includes two new keywords: Quest and Adapt.

  • Adds the Elemental minion type which will be added to Elementals currently in the game.

  • Available to pre-purchase now at $49.99 for 50 packs and a special Un'Goro themed card back.



Each class will be receiving one legendary Quest spell that rewards the player when certain criteria are met. Cards with the Quest keyword are always in your opening hand, but you can mulligan them away if you want.  For example, Priest's Awaken the Makers gives you an incredibly power legendary minion - Amara, Warden of Hope - once you've summoned seven Deathrattle minions.

  • All Quests cost one mana and you can only have one Quest active at a time, but they can be activated during either player's turns.

  • Quests do take up space from Secrets. That is, if you have a Quest in play, you can only have four Secrets in play.

  • These do count as spells meaning they can be duplicated by Lorewalker Cho

  • The rewards they generate are not collectible cards, they are tokens.

  • Will Quest cards show up in the Arena? "At the moment, we are thinking no," says Ayala.



The minions of Un'Goro have learned to quickly Adapt to their surroundings and a new Hearthstone keyword has emerged as a result. When you play a minion with this effect, you'll effectively Discover three of ten possible adaptations. These vary from gaining other keywords like Taunt to straight up buffs.

  • The complete pool is +3 Health, +1/+1, Stealth, Poisonous, Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Plants, +3 Attack, Can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers, Divine Shield, Windfury, and Taunt.

    • For a look at the actual tokens, head to the bottom of this article.

  • When combined with Brann Bronzebeard you are able to pick the same adaptation twice.

  • The Deathrattle granted by Adapt will not effect N'Zoth, the Corruptor.

Elemental Minion Type

There are many Elementals in Un'Goro Crater. Apparently, so many that it was worth making an all new minion type to support it. As a result, previous elemental type minions will have the tag added to their card.


In addition, different classes will favor different types of minions.

  • Mages, Priests, and Shamans lean more towards Elementals.

  • Rogues dig plants, as evidenced by their class legendary.

  • Druid, Hunter, Paladin, Warlock, and Warrior have a higher frequency of dinosaurs.

  • In particular, Druid's have Brontosauri and Paladin's have Stegosauri.

Pack Art, Card Backs, & Game Board

Journey to Un'Goro is available for pre-purchase until it releases. Doing so will earn you the Fossil card back which can be used right away!

The game board has also been revealed, but it has not yet been enabled.




Sadly, the Journey to Un'Goro trailer is a departure from Blizzard's previous set themed videos in that it doesn't have a song created for it.



The announcement video includes the trailer but also contains commentary from Game Director Ben Brode and Principle Game Designer Mike Donais.


Theme Music

The patch also enabled the pre-purchase of Journey to Un'Goro and as always, that comes with it's own theme music.

New Cards

All of the Journey to Un'Goro cards in one place as they are revealed.

A few things to note:

  • Each class is receiving a special legendary Quest card.

  • As a result, there will only be five Neutral legendaries in this set.


Most Recent Updates:
  • 3/31/17 - Completed Un'Goro set.

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Updated Client Art

Worgen Greaser is out and Un'Goro Crater is in!

Unannounced Card Art

As per usual, Blizzard has released some upcoming art from the set.





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