Dragon Warrior is one of the newest archetypes in all of Hearthstone. While the likes of Tempo Warrior quickly emerged after Whispers of the Old Gods, it took a good amount of experimenting before players discovered exactly how good the synergy this decklist provides. Larger threats like Drakonid Crusher really help close out games before your opponent can do anything about it.

Much like Aggro Shaman with its Flamewreathed Faceless, Dragon Warrior has lots of minions that demand immediate attention. Even something as innocuous as a Frothing Berserker can quickly grow out of control. And just when you think you’ve stabilized, the Crusher, Grommash Hellscream, or Ragnaros the Firelord will come down to seal the game up.

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  • Utilize powerful early game minions to establish a board presence.
  • Utilize removal spells and weapons to keep the pressure on.
  • Midgame minions help you outvalue your opponent and keep them from slowing you down.

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  • Control heavy decks that pack lots of spell removal like Renolock are good at dealing with this pressure.
  • Opponents will try to gain board control as quickly as possible and keep you playing from behind.
  • More aggressive decks will try to ignore everything you’re doing and keep you on the defensive. In this case it’s better to save your health and trade in minions.


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Make sure you play on curve, moreso than the other Warrior archetypes it’s important to keep your opponent on the back foot.

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In general, we want to mulligan for cheap minions like N'Zoth's First Mate, Alexstrasza's Champion, Frothing Berserker, and Ravaging Ghoul. We of course want Fiery War Axe as well. Against more control heavy classes, you may also wish to keep Sir Finley Mrrgglton to get a better hero power. Twilight Guardian is easily the most controversial mulligan. Some like to keep it as an activator, but others say you should prioritize cheaper minions.

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Other acceptable cards include:

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Good Neutral Bad
Zoolock Midrange Hunter Renolock
Aggro Shaman Token Druid C'Thun Warrior
  Tempo Warrior  
  Dragon Warrior  
  Control Warrior  

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