C'Thun Druid is a deck that looks to maximize C'Thun’s stats and effect while using a mixture of ramp, Battlecry effects, and the class' best Choose One minions and spells.

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  • Ramp up with cards like Innervate and Wild Growth.
  • Play cultists to buff your C'Thun and reap the rewards that come with him having at least 10 Attack.
  • Use this to your advantage to close out the game with C'Thun functioning as either a finisher or board clear.

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  • Decks that can directly remove the inconvenient Druid minions like Klaxxi Amber-WeaverDark Arakkoa, and Twin Emperor Vek'lor will look to do so and not be afraid of it. Make sure to have multiple threats when possible.
  • Others will try to rush you down before you can play enough minions to stop them. Ramping properly in this situation is important.

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Since Warrior really out-C'thuns Druids, many top players have started running Yogg-Saron, Hope's End alongside it in an effort to shore up some weaknesses. Because of this, you not only have to run the Druid's usual ramp and C'Thun cultists, but you're also forced into prioritizing the inclusion of spells. As a result, we've made very little changes when it comes to Wild, only taking the time to add the usual requirements.

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Brann Bronzebeard is great! Use him to deal four damage with Disciple of C'Thun, reap double the buffs with any of your cultists, or spawn a second Twin Emperor Vek'nilash.

In general, you want to choose spells when casting Raven Idol since they’re guaranteed to be a class card, meaning above average quality when compared to neutral minions.

Fandral Staghelm isn’t 100% crucial, but the value he can bring cannot be understated.

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Always look for ramp effects and early removal. Throw away anything that costs more than three mana, in general.

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Good Neutral Bad
Control Warrior Token Druid Zoolock
Tempo Warrior Midrange Shaman Renolock
  Miracle Rogue Tempo Mage
  Dragon Warrior Freeze Mage
  Beast Druid Midrange Hunter
  Control Priest Aggro Shaman
    Midrange Shaman


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Why no C'Thun's Chosen?

This deck is really packed full of value in the form of spells, cultists, and the best class cards Druid has to offer. Finding room for more is a very difficult task.

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