Control Warrior is a deck designed around taking advantage of the class' strong card draw, survivability through armor, and inexpensive removal. Those features build to a late game with a lot of legendary minions and heavy hitting options. The effective ways in which dealing damage to your own minions as a Control Warrior can be turned into defensive value is fairly unique to this deck style.

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  • Control Warrior thrives off of having ways to build up armor (which can be turned into removal via Shield Slam), draw cards, and take your opponent's minions off the board early and often.
  • As much as possible, you want to clear the board, while also continuing to gain armor and push your card advantage.

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  • Aggressive decks will seek to close out the game as quickly as possible. Do everything in your power to make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • Midrange decks, like Hunter, will hope to overpower you with mid-game minions and spells like Call of the Wild which are much harder to consistently remove. Here you want to make sure you have a good enough early game to fight back come Turns 6-8.


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Against other Control decks, especially in the mirror match, you need to understand that fatigue is likely going to decide who wins. Never cycle cards unless you have to and try to get maximum value out of your minions. The first one to play Justicar Trueheart and Golden Monkey, if they’re running them, usually have a big advantage.

Don’t be afraid to spend spells to slow down your opponent. Overspending is a bit better than underspending. Nothing feels worse than knowing you could have stopped the onslaught, but were greedy and held onto the removal for later.

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Mulligan away anything higher than a 3-drop. Ideal hands will have a Fiery War Axe and a good 3 or 4-Drop. Keeping Execute and an activator for it in the event that you're expecting a Control deck or Flamewreathed Faceless is also useful.

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Good Neutral Bad
Freeze Mage C'Thun Warrior Midrange Shaman
Aggro Shaman Miracle Rogue Midrange Hunter
Zoolock Token Druid Tempo Mage
Tempo Warrior   C'Thun Druid

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