Goblins vs Gnomes brought with it a powerful new minion clan, Mech. Mage was the first class to rise to the top with a Mech-themed deck. A few months after the release of GvG a new Mech deck emerged, players Firebat and PurpleDrank constructed a Mech Shaman deck that went all the way to the top of Legend. This is a deck that wants to win early. The curve is forgiving and will allow you to gain a very early advantage over other decks that either draw poorly and miss their curve, or just have a generally higher curve.


Deck Composition

2x Rockbiter Weapon
2x Cogmaster
2x Crackle
2x Annoy-o-Tron
2x Flametongue Totem
2x Mechwarper
2x Whirling Zap-o-matic
2x Powermace
1x Lava Burst
2x Spider Tank
2x Piloted Shredder
2x Azure Drake
1x Dr. Boom

So far there seems to be very little room for card experimentation. There are versions out there going without a Doomhammer and instead doubling up on Lava Burst. The big notable exclusion is Lightning Storm. Mech Shaman wants to stay away from as many Overload cards as possible because it slows down the beautiful curve this deck has. There are also variants with two Piloted Sky Golem instead of Fire Elemental to have even more Mech Synergy. Though for my money, I’d keep in Fire Elemental.

Other Possible Inclusions:
Mechanical Yeti
Tinkertown Technician
The Black Knight
Clockwork Gnome
Piloted Sky Golem
Sneed's Old Shredder
Harvest Golem

Playstyle, Tips, and Notes

Mechwarper is one of the scariest cards in a Mech Mage deck and it is just as gut-wrenching to play against here. A 2/3 for 2 Mana is a respectable amount of stats, but it’s really in here to allow rapid deployment of the higher end of the Mech curve. This low-attack Mech gets some longer legs in this deck as well thanks to damage-boosting Shaman cards like Rockbiter Weapon and Flametongue Totem.

A lot of the other staple minions of Mech Mage can be found here as well. Cogmaster is a great turn 1 play when you have 2-drop Mech in hand. Annoy-o-Tron does its job beautifully here, and I would argue does it better since the little Mech can go to 3 Attack when placed next to a Flametongue Totem, or go to 4 with a Rockbiter. Spider Tank and Mechanical Yeti bring the bargain stats. And Piloted Shredder bring the Deathrattle value.

Mages have Frostbolt and Fireball. Two spells that can help finish the game, or remove the opponent’s minions to help get Mech minions through. Shamans have Crackle and Lava Burst. Both of these cards serve the same purpose.

Whirling Zap-o-matic is a Shaman-only Mech, and is the star of this Mech deck. The damage potential with Zap-o when combined with Rockbiter, Flametongue, or a Powermace equip is huge! Now this little mech only has 2 Health, but with Undertaker at a permanent 2 Health there’s not a whole lot of 1 or 2-drops that Zap-o-matic won’t at least trade with. Even in the sad (and relatively common) scenarios where a Zap-o-matic is removed via a spell, it is still eating up removal that could be problematic later on in the game.

Powermace is another star card of the Mech Shaman, and it’s another exclusive to the class. This is yet another card that benefits from the addition of Rockbiter Weapon. Buffing this weapon to 6 Attack, removing a high-health threat, destroying the weapon and getting a +2/+2 buff on one of my Mechs makes me cheer for joy every time.

Ramp Druids and their big minions with Taunt can cause issues. The Black Knight can help with these Taunt minions. There will still be times where you will find yourself crossing all of your fingers and toes hoping for a godly Crackle roll. Thankfully Azure Drake and Wrath of Air Totem are here to help push the odds in our favor.


As with just about any deck in Hearthstone, it’s all about the early drops. Mulligan aggressively for Cogmaster and 2-drop Mechs. Some great openings are: Turn 1 Cogmaster into Turn 2 Mechwarper plus coin out any other 2-drop Mechs that now costs 1 Mana thanks to the Mechwarper. If you’re running Clockwork Gnome you don’t even need a coin to play them after a Mechwarper. Turn 2 Whirling Zap-o-matic is fine too, since it’s the chances are the lowest that your opponent has drawn into removal. Consider holding onto a Powermace as well. Yes it’s a 3-drop but it helps establish early board control and getting it’s Deathrattle buff onto a Mech on Turn 4 can be a huge swing.


Rockbiter Weapon and Flametongue Totem are the big combo-enablers in Mech Shaman. Every minion in this deck can get more done than they can in other decks because they have the potential of getting a big boost to their attack from these cards. Zap-o-matic does 6 damage normally, but does 10 when next to a Flametongue, 12 with a Rockbiter, or 16 with a godly combination of the two.

If you decide to stick with the original decklist Doomhammer can be a huge help keeping board control and finishing the game. Since this is a very aggressive deck it ais safer to take damage from minion removal with the Hammer. Combine this all with the potential of dealing 10-damage in one turn with the addition of a Rockbiter.